creative thinking

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cre·a·tive think·'ing

productive thinking, with novel rather than routine elements and results.
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During the workshop, the students learned about some of the key features of the Six Thinking Hats technology, which is believed to be one of the most important methods for developing creativity and improving creative thinking.
This is, of course, not a coincidence, but a legacy of the creative thinking that was initiated by Kerry Packer in the early 80s.
Fox and Fox (1968) initially explored the creative thinking of occupational therapy students taking theory classes with the use of teacher-made tests designed to gauge the construct.
The set of alcoholic beer drinkers were also better at a task involving creative thinking which required them to suggest alternative uses for a tyre.
Hence, it is necessary to train science teachers in KS A on the various creative thinking teaching skills characterized by fluency, flexibility, authenticity, and problem solving.
The perceptions held by teachers are essential in developing creative thinking among students.
Creative thinking guru Andy Green, who came up with the idea of transforming Barry into the riviera of South Wales, has set up an "IdeasBank" for the town in an attempt to give residents a place to express their ideas for the town.
Drawing on material collected for the Froebel Research Fellowship Project (FRF) conducted by the authors, this work for pre- and in-service early childhood practitioners explores the application of theories and research to day-to-day practice in the area of young children's creative thinking, especially in the context of children's relationships with others (teachers, parents, and other children).
This study aims to identify six-year-old pre-school children's creative thinking skill levels and to establish whether there is a difference between the creative thinking skills of children who received drama education and those who did not.
A HUDDERSFIELD businessman has offered to save the taxpayer thousands by putting on free creative thinking classes.
Creative thinking is an ability that needs to be utilized in so many careers.
Creative thinking is all about side stepping these set patterns of thought and generating new and dynamic ideas for products, improved services, and problem solving.

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