creative thinking

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cre·a·tive think·'ing

productive thinking, with novel rather than routine elements and results.
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Many experts have noted how children's creative thinking is stereotyped, romanticized, trivialized, and, at times, suppressed (Dacey & Lennon, 1998).
27% claim creative thinking is fuelled by putting their foot down on an open road.
Hoke took a clue from conference speaker Dianne Deacon, cofounder of The Creative Thinking Association, who advised marketers to "think outrageously." Hoke said DMD leadership should think "outside the box...
Johnson, Emeritus Professor of Mass Communication University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, treats critical and creative thinking, not as opposites, but as complementary disciplines.
Take the idea of the gift certificate one step further with a little creative thinking. Our suggestions:
Would another disaster scenario inspire a new round of creative thinking?
By that I mean developing an organizational environment that values, strives for, and rewards creative thinking.
I totally agree with Baer that all children should receive training in creative thinking. In the case of children who show precocious development or strong interest in a field, talent development in that field is probably appropriate.
"The exciting part of this project is that it really will stretch the creative thinking of the public at large," says Janet A.
[USA], Aug 28 (ANI): Regular users of cannabis are not good at creative thinking and are often less aware of their own mistakes, claims research on the effects of cannabis.
89 per cent of Mena professionals agree that creative thinking is key to driving social and economic growth in their country.
Now anyone can learn ideas and painting techniques that a way of creative thinking that turn even your mistakes into beautiful works of art!

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