creative thinking

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cre·a·tive think·'ing

productive thinking, with novel rather than routine elements and results.
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Pat Harmon, Managing Partner of Applied Creative Thinking, attendees explored the power of "parallel thinking", "purposeful distortion" and other techniques.
Coleman will provide tips to enhance creative thinking skills on the job by using creative problem solving methods, various creative thinking styles, and case studies featuring companies/organizations that have had successful breakthroughs because of their approach to creative thinking.
In fact, a growing number of researchers and scholars have argued that creative thinking is an ability leaders must possess to be effective in the 21st century.
Whether you need more creative thinking at the top, more tenacious execution on the front lines or simply a smarter use of your PR budget, Blanc & Otus is your PR agency.
27% claim creative thinking is fuelled by putting their foot down on an open road.
Schmetterer, who literally worked his way to the top so he knows what it is like at the bottom, writes, "The greatest danger, especially in tough times when people are afraid of losing their jobs, is not that great creative thinking will come to a roaring halt.
What I found, walking around the posters, however, were research reports showing unique approaches and creative thinking in the work of many young Japanese researchers.
Creative thinking about how to write an account is appreciated by agencies and creates loyalty because too few companies practice it.
For more information on Creative Thinking and Problem Solving or any of ACPE's OnSite programs, visit www.
His model exemplifies the turn from substance to relationality that is characteristic of much creative thinking nowadays.
Percentage of people who say they do their most creative thinking in the car, according to the Lemelson-MIT Invention Index: 20
Patricia Seabright of Archimedes Consulting took Leading Edge members through a number of techniques to improve their creative thinking processes.

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