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Creatine in red cells: transport and erythropoietic dynamics.
Although several previous studies investigated the effect of WBV training or creatine supplementation sepaately on physical fitness and performance in the elderly, some have reported desirable results.
Often high school creatine users either do not know how much creatine they are taking or are intentionally taking more than the dose recommended on packaging provided by manufacturers.
Creatine kinase-MB elevation after stroke is not cardiac in origin: comparison with troponin T levels.
We have recently reported the effect of creatine monohydrate supplementation on complete blood count and on selected parameters of serum biochemical profile in albino mice following hypoxic ischemic insult and we had observed that creatine supplementation following hypoxic ischemic insult helps in maintaining the normal blood chemistry when compared with the creatine untreated mice indicating that creatine reaches the target sites in intact form when transported via blood following dietary supplementation for variable durations (Iqbal et al.
Ultimately, supplementing with creatine helps restore the energy loss that is at the root of many age-related diseases.
Also, the amounts of several phospholipids in myelin were increased by creatine treatment, particularly in the brain stem, suggesting that improved myelination may contribute to the ability of the piglet to avoid the sow when necessary.
To demonstrate CEST's ability to detect heart disease, the researchers applied the creatine CEST method in an MRI scanner, in healthy and infarcted myocardium (muscle tissue in heart) in large animals.
Findings have also demonstrated that use of creatine and ginseng supplements could enhance ability and power of the middle-aged and elderly [7].
Clearly, the use of creatine results in positive athletic performances.
Groups consisted of a creatine supplementation group (CrS), a placebo supplement group (P), and control (no supplement) (C) group.