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A brute of a delivery from Ben Stokes ended his vigil at the crease
To finish, blend black shade 10 into the crease line and outer edge of the lower lash line.
Diagonal earlobe crease and coronary artery disease in a Chinese population.
External anatomical landmarks of the hand as bone prominences and creases help to localize its joints and other structures during the clinical examination (Buryanov & Kotiuk, 2010).
Press the front crease, working from top to bottom and using a press cloth if necessary.
He was nearly a meter away from his crease when the bowler took off the bails.
Crease is hoping for the same again but this time his side will be able to cash in with a split of the gate from the Ramsdens Cup tie.
New recruits at Rider Levett Bucknall Alan Hooley, Lisa Stanley and Lee Crease
The easy-care properties of unwashed and five times washed samples were evaluated using standard procedures including dry crease recovery angle (DCRA; BS EN ISO 1956), tear strength (ASTM D 1424-96) and tensile strength (ASTM D 5035-06).
HVAC contractors intentionally score creases into the ducts to prevent flexing and stiffen the metal.
The United States might already have adopted the metric system, suggests Crease, were it not for the kidnapping and death of an 18th century European emissary carrying an early set of metric standards.
Crease said: "Darren has to learn to accept official's decisions.