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Our host said that there would be a crayfish festival that evening.
Since crayfish filter oxygen through gills, the little crustaceans have to maintain some contact with water.
The members showcase some of the traps they use for harvesting the crayfish. Currently, the fishermen have eight nets which trap at least 10kg of crayfish per day.
Police seized 14 Australian red claw crayfish and three Chinese mitten crabs inside the claw game, as well as the motherboard of the machine and its profits.
Four years ago the Wear Rivers Trust discovered a signal crayfish in the River Gaunless, one of the tributaries which feeds into the River Wear.
The DCI wants the proprietors of Crayfish arrested and charged with the offence.
A recent genome study has concluded that these fish have all descended from slough crayfish native to Florida, and are genetically almost identical!
Summary: Researchers hope that the adaptability of the clonal crayfish leads to breakthrough on how cancer spreads
ABSTRACT Commercially viable aquaculture of noble crayfish Astacus astacus (Linnaeus, 1758), a once plentiful food species in Europe, requires production of suitable artificial diets for optimal growth in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).
ALIEN cannibal crayfish are eating their way through the indigenous wildlife in waterways around Guisborough.
Biologists present a thorough reference on crayfish for scientists who want to study them as model organisms or explore their role in the environment, and for readers interested in raising them for food or other purposes.