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The desire for more of a substance or activity (for example, drug of abuse, sex) consisting of a desire to experience the euphoric (or other) effects, as well as the desire to avoid the withdrawal aspects of abstinence.
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A strong desire to consume a particular substance—e.g., of abuse (cocaine)—or food (chocolate); craving is a major factor in relapse and/or continued use after withdrawal from a substance of abuse and is both imprecisely defined and difficult to measure
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Psychology A strong desire to consume a particular substance–eg of abuse, or food; craving is a major factor in relapse and/or continued use after withdrawal from a substance of abuse and is both imprecisely defined and difficult to measure. Cf Addiction, '–holic. '.
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(krāv) [AS crafian]
An uncontrollable desire to be exposed to something, especially to an addictive agent.
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Patient discussion about craving

Q. I am bipolar woman and was diagnosed last year. Please give some experience and help.why do I crave it so high I am bipolar woman and was diagnosed last year. I had found recently a new crave for cocaine as it calms me down and I feel very relaxed. But aftereffect for cocaine is very disturbing and my crave increases a lot. Sometime I had sensed to harm myself if I don’t get it. I have not told this to my family and doctor; but need to know if it is going right. I feel not. Please give some experience and help…….why do I crave it so high?

A. Saloni,
First thank you for sharing with us. A lot of people with Bipolar Disorder self medicate. The perscribed medications often take time to work and more often than not need to be adjusted several times before you will find a combination that works well for you. In that time people tend to loose patience and can turn to street drugs for some kind of relief. The problem with street drugs is that they don't work either, they may have an imediate effect but it is short lived and often leaves you feeling worse than before. This is how addiction starts. You begin to crave the calm that you had during the high and take more and more to try to get that back. Please talk to your doctor about seeing a psychiatrist and a theropist, they will know more about the medications used to treat bipolar disorder. Also it is very important to be very honest with them. Trust me you will not be the first patent they have had that is self medicating. They can help you ge on the right meds and

Q. We wanted to give some food which can stop his crave for over drinking of alcohol? My alcoholic brother is trying hard to leave on his alcohol. Six months before he was found with high alcohol abuse and luckily he showed a good response during his diagnosis questionnaire. But that has not solved his problem. He still craves alcohol in his blood. We wanted to give some food which can stop his crave for over drinking of alcohol. We have noticed that after taking alcohol he cannot stop and takes it in higher dosage. How can we help him in this?

A. i don't think any diet can help you avoid detox. some can help your brother in handling the detox outcomes, such as vomiting and nausea . but the detox itself- he has no choice but to go through. any way good nutrition should be considered in order to help the liver heal.

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