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That attribute of a motor vehicle which allows the occupants involved in a crash to survive without injury
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Aircrew-escape systems: ejection seats, crashworthy seats, fixed aircraft seating, and ejection-seat parachutes.
Overall, the SX4 has an outstandingly crashworthy structure which has been awarded four stars for occupant protection by Euro NCAP.
I now work for Martin-Baker America, a company that builds ejection and crashworthy seats for our military.
The first phase of the program runs through October, concentrating on creating a crashworthy composite front end module modeled after an existing production design.
Declining fatalities in passenger vehicles are consistent with increases in safety belt use and more crashworthy vehicles.
The new Swift's body has been developed from scratch, and the engineers used this opportunity to come up with an outstandingly crashworthy structure.
Without any relation to the facts in D'Amario, the author describes "how motor vehicle crash injuries occur" and elaborately describes how many such crashworthy cases arise by referring to cases totally different than D'Amario.
CAFE kills people by forcing manufacturers to make vehicles smaller and therefore less crashworthy than they otherwise would be.
Besides requiring a thin-walled part that could be welded during production, Audi needed a B-pillar that would be crashworthy, have minimum distortion, and improve production and cost efficiencies.
The analysis of the court of appeals indicates the duty to make crashworthy vehicles preexists the sale of the car," Profeta said.
7), the future may also find the crashworthy seats in other transport helicopters, such as the H-46 Sea Knight and the H-3 Sea King.