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That attribute of a motor vehicle which allows the occupants involved in a crash to survive without injury
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Tempe, Arizona-based Robertson designs and produces mission-extending, crashworthy, and ballistically self-sealing auxiliary fuel systems for military rotorcraft.
They must be used with a crashworthy safety restraint (lap and shoulder belt).
The analysis of the court of appeals indicates the duty to make crashworthy vehicles preexists the sale of the car," Profeta said.
7), the future may also find the crashworthy seats in other transport helicopters, such as the H-46 Sea Knight and the H-3 Sea King.
According to prime contractor, Bell Helicopter/Textron, of Fort Worth, Texas, new safety features will include additional armor for crew protection, improved crashworthy seating and self-sealing fuel cells that decrease chances of igniting leaking fuel if the aircraft is hit.
Taking advantage of new high-strength steels that have steep and sustained hardening rates, designers can reduce the amount of material needed by a vehicle to remain crashworthy, argued Marcel van Schaik, manager of the advanced materials program at the American Iron and Steel Institute.
Like buckling a safety belt, driving a crashworthy car or wearing a gun, it seemed paranoid sometimes -- right until I needed it.
As a leader in survivability systems for land, air and naval applications, BAE Systems is developing lifesaving products to protect occupants, including crashworthy seating systems; ceramic and transparent armor technologies; integrated vehicle armor systems; vehicle and aircraft survivability components and accessories; as well as soldier protection equipment used around the world.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Railway Carriage Fan 300 Mm Sweep Fixed Type 110 V Ac With Crashworthy (With Frp Blde) Fan Guard To Cc-76261as Per Is:6680-92 With Rdso Annex-H(2005) With Crashworthy Features As Per Rcf Am-4 & Rcf Cor-1,3 & 4 Type-I) & Bla As Specified At Col-I Of Rcf Amdt-4 Or Latest
Harry Robertson and based in Tempe, Arizona, Robertson is engaged in the design and production of mission-extending, crashworthy, and ballistically self-sealing auxiliary fuel systems for military rotorcraft.
Although it may seem intuitive to make this statement, there are actually many factors to be considered in the design of a crashworthy fuel system.
The acquisition of Fischer, a top supplier of crashworthy civilian crew and passenger seats to helicopter OEMs, is seen to generate significant engineering, manufacturing and marketing synergies, B/E Aerospace explained.