craniofacial complex

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cra·ni·o·fa·ci·al com·plex

(krānē-ō-fāshăl kompleks)
In aggregate, bones and soft tissues of face and cranium.
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It was also observed that there was a significant development of the transverse dimensions of the craniofacial complex between the two age ranges analyzed, considering the predominantly nose breathers and the predominantly mouth breathers that comprised the sample, except for the Total Sphenoid measurement (TSph) in predominantly nose breathers.
These diseases include orofacial pain, diseases of the temporomandibular joint and muscles (TMJMD), osteoporosis of the craniofacial complex, salivary gland diseases, autoimmune diseases and oral diseases of pregnant women.
Other topics include pediatric facial injuries; endoscopic facial fracture management; facial paralysis; embryology of the craniofacial complex; orthodontics in cleft lip and palate management; management of nonmelanoma skin cancer; body contouring; delayed postmastectomy reconstruction techniques; disorders of musicians' hands; and upper limb aesthetic and functional prosthetics.
How can we make the transition from traditional diagnostics to seeing the distortions within the craniofacial complex, not just mal-positioned dental units?