craniofacial anomaly

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cra·ni·o·fa·cial a·nom·a·ly

(krānē-ō-fāshăl ă-nomă-lē)
Deviation from average or norm of the structures of head and face.
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(3) Common risk factors include: family history of permanent childhood hearing loss; admission to neonatal intensive care unit for more than 5 days; in utero infections (cytomegalovirus, herpes, rubella, syphilis, and toxoplasmosis); any craniofacial anomaly, especially those related to the ear or temporal bone; physical findings associated with a syndrome known to cause hearing loss; neurodegenerative disorders; meningitis; head trauma; and chemotherapy.
"Clearly there are psychosocial implications from having a craniofacial anomaly," Dr.
The incidence of Musculoskeletal anomaly was 12.2%, CN S anomaly 15.6%, Genitourinary system anomaly 16.7%, CVS anomaly 11.1%, GIT anomaly 5.6%, Thoracic anomaly 2.8%, Skin anomaly 1.1%, Umbilical cord vessel anomaly in 2.2%, Craniofacial anomaly in 9.4%, Neck anomaly in 1.1%, Multiple anomalies in 15%, Syndromes in 7.2%.