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Detailed long-term outcome analysis after decompressive craniectomy for severe traumatic brain injury.
Figure 1 is a postoperative CT image at first presentation showing evidence of left craniectomy with a small amount of residual subdural fluid collection and blood.
was again taken to the operating room for extension of the right craniectomy and decompression with further clipping of the complex bulbous aneurysm in the right middle cerebral artery.
Decompressive craniectomy in diffuse traumatic brain injury.
coli was cultured had sustained severe traumatic brain and chest injuries and multiple compound fractures (managed by decompressive craniectomy and damage control orthopaedic surgery).
No patient underwent intraventricular drain placement or a decompressive craniectomy.
The patient underwent emergency surgery, including frontal craniectomy, cleaning and extensive surgical debridement of the wound, with the removal of bone and metallic fragments and drainage of the area of the cerebral contusion.
Luckily, Nicholas says: "An excellent surgeon there gave me a bilateral de-compressive craniectomy, that's to move the plates in your skull to allow the brain to swell.
An emergency craniectomy allowed his brain to swell, but he'd suffered a severe penetrating injury to the right side of his head.
In this situation, hyperventilation and decreased cerebral blood flow may decrease intracranial pressure enough to forestall death, buying time for other measures such as diuresis, hypertonic fluid infusion, and/or decompressive craniectomy to be performed.
Doctor Blake Welling decided to perform bilateral decompressive craniectomy.
Seven operations later, including a craniectomy that removed bones from his skull to allow for swelling of the brain, Dana suddenly got out of his hospital bed.