cranial nerve VI

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abducent nerve

The nerve for the lateral rectus ocular muscle.
A pontine nucleus below the 4th ventricle.

Emerges between the pons and medulla oblongata.
Abducent nerve lesions cause outward deviation of the eyeball and double vision.
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cranial nerve VI

Abducent nerve
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By day 22, the bilateral facial weakness, reduce sensation at left mandibular nerves (V1-V3), left cranial nerve VI palsy, and diplopia persisted.
Other presenting signs included trismus, facial hypoesthesia, cranial nerve VI palsy, and vocal fold paralysis (table 1).
The most medial structures within the cavernous sinuses are the internal carotid artery and cranial nerve VI. The other forementioned cranial nerves travel along the lateral aspects.
(3.) Prostate cancer metastasis to clivus causing cranial nerve VI palsy.