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Research indicates that it takes a great deal of education and experience to achieve a comfortable level of expertise in the use of technology as a tool for helping students learn (Coley, Cradler, & Engel, 1997; ISTE, 1999; Milken Family Foundation, 2001; NCATE, 1997; Thomas & Cooper, 2000; U.S.
The availability of research on the topic is less extensive and more difficult to organize because critical thinking skills have historically been more difficult to evaluate (Coley, Cradler, & Engel, 1997).
Among them are the natural, the tortoise, the cradler, the talker and the general.
Coley, Cradler, and Engel (1999) state "evaluations of educational technology are really evaluations of instruction enabled by technology, and the outcomes are highly dependent on the implementation of the instructional design" (p.