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a discontinuous sound heard on auscultation, primarily during inhalation; called also crackle.
crackling rale subcrepitant rale.
crepitant rale a fine sound like that of rubbing a hair between the fingers or by particles of salt thrown on fire; heard at the end of inhalation. Called also crepitus.
dry rale a fine sound associated with any of various interstitial lung diseases, such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
moist rale one heard over fluid in the bronchial tubes.
subcrepitant rale a fine moist rale heard over liquid in the smaller tubes; called also crackling rale.
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Ambiguous term for an added sound heard on auscultation of breath sounds; used by some to denote rhonchus and by others for crepitation.
Synonym(s): crackle
[Fr. rattle]
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Short, sharp, or rough sounds heard with a stethoscope over the chest. Abnormal breath sounds caused by excessive fluid within the airways.
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