keratoderma plantare sulcatum

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ker·a·to·der·ma plan·ta·'re sul·ca·'tum

hyperkeratosis and fissure formation on the soles.
Synonym(s): cracked heel

ker·a·to·der·ma plan·ta·re sul·ca·tum

(ker'ă-tō-dĕr'mă plan-tā'rē sŭl-kā'tŭm)
Hyperkeratosis and fissure formation on the soles.
Synonym(s): cracked heel.
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Leading footwear and foot care brand Scholl has introduced its all-new Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream Active Repair K+ which provides 'active' skin repair for rough, dry, cracked heels.
When interviewed by the Punchestown officials and asked to explain Representing's improved performance, Bowe put that poor Wexford effort down to the mare suffering a cracked heel during the race, but did not report any injury to the acting stewards.
Other brands include D'Cold, the flu remedy, Dermicol for prickly heat, Krack, a cracked heel treatment, Itch Guard anti-fungal cream, and Set Wet, a hair gel and deodorant brand.
Last but not least on the foot creams comes Neutrogena's Cracked Heel Foot Cream.
Heal and deeply condition worn and weathered heels with Cracked Heel Repair Push-Up Stick, a new product from Earth Therapeutics.
Acering, which recently acquired Refer Cracked Heel Cream from Morningside, is this year splashing out 100,000 [pounds sterling] on a marketing campaign to raise awareness of creams aimed at feet.
I tried Scholl cracked heel cream then read on the internet that human hand cream would make the pads too soft and to seek veterinary advice.
A cracked heel ruled him out on the eve of the Ladbroke Hurdle, for which he had been 8-1 third favourite, but the pre-Christmas race at Ascot was subsequently lost to the weather.
9% despite the difficult consumer environment, helped by launches such as the Deo-Activ range of foot deodorants and an improved Cracked Heel Repair Cream.
Istabraq's attempt at a hat-trick of wins in this year's Smurfit Champion Hurdle-and a fourth successive victory at the Cheltenham Festival-was placed in serious jeopardy by a cracked heel a month before the race, trainer Aidan O'Brien has revealed.
Notes: Unbridled's Song is exercising with a bar shoe on his left forefoot to protect a cracked heel.