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1. A fissure.
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Substance abuse A 'free-base' form of cocaine which, when smoked in a pipe, produce a brief, very intense 'high'. See Bingeing, Cocaine, Crack 'smile. ', Free base cocaine.
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1. A fissure.
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A highly purified form of COCAINE which produces an intense reaction of rapid onset. Crack is inherently more dangerous than less concentrated forms and deaths have resulted from its use.
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A fissure.
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Patient discussion about crack

Q. what causes the sound of cracking noises in the head all the time it was said i had acute sinusitis but honestly i think it is more . I don't know why i have cracking noises in my head . I am very concerned about this also my neck is always stiff feeling and aching all the time. . My eyes are very tired and i see blue spots and they hurt behind the eye very badly . I have headaches very often

A. wow...that really sounds serious...i have chronic sinusitis and i can tell you i had horrible headaches but nothing like you describe now. i would strongly consider going to a hospital and checking it out...
tell us what was the result!

Q. anyone knows how to stop hard skin on the feet from becoming cracked??? during summer my feet got lots of hard skin and in the heel area the skin actually got cracked kinda deep. it hurts now and the cracks are starting to get infected I guess... do u guys know how to solve this?? I know there are some creams for that but I thought maybe now it's too late for that and I need something stronger?

A. There are good creams for moisterizing the skin of your feet on a daily basis, however now that you feel they might be infected you should see a dermatologist for some better treatment.

Q. Im only 17 I have horrble lower back pains. Im constitly rubbing,stretching, or cracking my back. the pain is either a throbbing pain or an ache or sting.I feel it worse when I put my chest out my shoulders back. my back feels like its out of place.

A. Lower back pain is so very common... I have had it for years, and just recently what I found to be very helpful is walking. Even a 30-45 minute walk and then some streching is good. I have hardly had any pain since I started exercising and it feels really good. Swimming is also known to help.

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