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coxal (käkˑ·sl),

adj pertaining to the hip area.
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Although other, larger species of Ornithodoros excrete substantial amounts of coxal fluid while feeding, O.
37) and maxillar hair tuft; labium dark brown, cream distally, trapezoidal with slightly concave distal margin; sternum shield-shaped, rebordered, dark red-brown with black mottling, with dense white feathery setae and scattered long erect setae; intercoxal sclerites present between all coxal pairs; precoxal triangles present; pleural bars isolated.
Metasternum between middle coxae coarsely, distinctly punctuate near coxal margins, punctures separated by approximately one to two diameters .
In Zinophora the structure of the spatulate lobe, in combination with the general form of the distal margin of the telocoxites comprising a proplica and metaplica folded against each other, with the metaplica lobed mesiad and the proplica bearing a mesal projection or coxal spine, are the diagnostic characters of the genus.
1B coxal yellow glands (arrows) located at the base of each thoracic leg.
The hemolymph was drawn from the coxal joint into an Eppendorff Pipetman containing a few milligrams of phenoloxidase inhibitor (phenylthiourea) to prevent tanning or darkening and then diluted 5 times with 0.
Oligoxystre argentinense lacks labial cuspules, on coxal cuspules the interdistance between two ridges was 1.
Furthermore, while other postcranial fetal bones (fragmented long bones, ribs, vertebral arches and coxal fragments) were located in the abdominal area of the main skeleton, all cranial fetal remains (including a left mandibular corpus and a partially formed deciduous tooth crown) were limited to the pelvis (i.
Argasid ticks can also release pathogens through excess liquid excreted from the coxal glands located adjacent to the first segment (coxa) of the front legs.
Natatory sensilla absent; ventral spinulae present on tibiae and tarsi, not as well developed on metaleg; coxa robust and elongate, coxal suture prominent on anterior surface; trochanter divided into two regions, lTr and 2TV; respective lengths (in mm) of individual segments of pro-, meso-, and metathoracic legs: coxae, 1.