cowpox virus

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cow·pox vi·rus

a virus of the genus Orthopoxvirus that causes cowpox.
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Real-time PCR assay for specific detection of cowpox virus. J Virol Methods.
A positive control for variola virus (X69198) was generated by multisite-directed mutagenesis from the gene encoding the 14-kD protein of the cowpox virus (permission from WHO was granted by Dr Gu6naO Rodier, no.
It is based on the first vaccine, the cowpox virus, which enabled the world to rid itself of smallpox.
Cowpox virus infection in humans causes local cutaneous pustular affections, which may in some cases disseminate and become fatal in immunocompromised patients (9,10).
dogs); rabbits Vaccinia virus Unknown Vaccinia virus has been used to immunize people against smallpox and was the original virus obtained from cattle; assumed to Buffalopox virus Waterbuffalo and cattle First characterized in 1971 in India Camelpox virus Camels Seen in Africa and Asia Most closely related to smallpox Cowpox virus Cattle (also cats, anteaters, and rodents) Feline cowpox Domestic and zoo cats This virus is identical to (lions, cheetahs, pumas, cowpox virus and is believed etc.) to cause about 50% of cowpox infections in people.
When Edward Jenner started it all in 1796 he injected a child with the cowpox virus as a means of protecting him or her against smallpox.
Inoculation, unlike the epoch-making vaccination developed by Edward Jenner in 1796 from the far less lethal cowpox virus, was a controversial and unpopular defense against smallpox in America.
Now the city's cancer experts have collaborated with US Government scientists to adapt the cowpox virus as a cancer vaccine.
In contrast to VACV infections, human cowpox virus infections have mostly occurred in urban areas of Europe.
Orthopox viruses are antigenetically closely related vertebrate viruses, including variola major virus (VAR), (1) monkeypox virus (MPV), camelpox virus (CML), vaccinia virus (VAC), cowpox virus (CPV), and six other species not pathogenic for humans.
POPULATION AT RISK British surgeon Edward Jenner launched the practice of vaccination in 1796 by using live, transmissible vaccinia or cowpox virus to protect his patients from closely related smallpox.
Another concern is the zoonotic potential of some OPXVs, such as monkeypox virus, camelpox virus, buffalopox virus, and cowpox virus (CPXV) (2,3).