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A derogatory term used as either an adjective or a noun
adjective Referring to a doctor who performs surgery, but isn’t fully qualified and is thus known as a 'cowboy surgeon'
noun A doctor who performs a type of surgery—e.g., a hair transplant—with little experience for the procedure
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The quiet, gentle engineer and mushroom magnate grew up in Darjeeling, India, watching American cowboy movies, dreaming of becoming a white-hatted Colorado cowpoke.
With the help of rugged cowpoke Drover (Hugh Jackman), Sarah decides to rescue it by herding 500 prize cattle across the country to Darwin.
However, there is also fierce competition from Heath Ledger, as a gay cowpoke in Brokeback Mountain, and Joaquin Phoenix who slips into the powerful persona of country star Johnny Cash.
In a nutshell: Documentary about a crusty old cowpoke who plays matchmaker to Mexican women and American men.
I'm hoping it won't be some cowpoke or someone who lives on a trailer park surrounded by rattlesnakes," he said.
The horsey quartet give city and suburb slickers a chance to play cowpoke for a week or a weekend.
So, George, before you go wiping the hand-tooled cowpoke boots on Elizabeth Regina's best Axminster again, just think on, the reason we have free speech is that we can be trusted to use the English language properly - even David Beckham.
Martial arts idol Jackie Chan, left, gets in among the sagebrush as a Chinese dude turned cowpoke.
His idea for a saloon, sheriff's office and jail was all cooked up during an internet chat with a fellow cowpoke from Airdrie.
ANG LEE'S slowpoke cowpoke movie ``Brokeback Mountain'' has been labeled by some as a revisionist Western (or, more reductively, the ``gay cowboy'' movie), but at its core, it's really a conventional love story in the mode of ``Gone With the Wind'' or ``Titanic.
He went into movies in 1912 as a stuntman and playing cowpoke roles
Ready to deck yourself out in classic cowpoke style?