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1. A generator for short-lived isotopes based upon successively eluting or otherwise separating ("milking") a short-lived radioactive daughter from a longer-lived parent; for example, 99mTc from 99Mo, 113mIn from 113Sn.
2. The mature female of domestic cattle (genus Bos); also the mature female of certain other animals such as buffalo, elephant, and whale.
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1. The mature female of cattle of the genus Bos.
2. The mature female of certain other large animals, such as elephants, moose, or whales.
3. A domesticated bovine of either sex or any age.

cow′y adj.
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Nuclear medicine
A popular term for a device used to generate radioactive isotopes with a short T1/2, which are separated by elution (a process known as “milking,” hence the name) of a short-lived daughter from a parent with a longer T1/2-eg 99mTc from 99Mo; 113mIn from 113Sn.
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A common derogatory term for a woman.
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Patient discussion about cow

Q. Does cow's milk cause acne? I'm 16 years old guy, and I have acne for several years now. Lately, although I treat it as my dermatologist instructs me, it seems I have more zits, particularly on my face. My friend told it can be because for the last few months ago I've been drinking a cup of milk for breakfast (I almost didn't drink milk at all before that). Is it true? The acne really makes me miserable, and the last thing I want to do is to make it worse. Thanks!!!

A. Regardless of what milk does to your acne, emotional stress can also make it worse, so first of all, try to relax- it'll make feel better and can also make your acne better, so it'll make you feel even better. Try to avoid milk for some time and see what helps you most. No one really proved milk has any influence on acne, so you shouldn't feel like you you're responsible for your acne.

Q. Is soy milk as good as cow milk? what`s good about soy milk and when it should be avoided. Is soy milk as good as cow milk?

A. Remember this, we are the only mammals that drink the milk of another! Do you get the urge to suckle while driving by a farm with cows or goats?
I wish I saved the article from someone I communicated with years ago online from New Zealand. Soy is really NOT a good food source! Please investigate further. Why is it that we are so "milk" conscious? Has the American Dairy Association brain washed us? Good righ, organic grains and veggies are the best food choices!

Q. I'm concerned that my calcium supplements are contaminated w seashells or cow bones. Which brands are best

A. there should be labeled as "from animal source".
here is something that helped me choose:

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They collect rawhides at very low prices and this year they collected cowhides even at Tk 200 a piece from the rural areas, Delwar said.
This textured vinyl wallpaper takes the same idea one stage further - it has been finished with a cowhide effect to create a real focal talking point in your home!
My preference for general yardwork is a standard cowhide fitted glove.
It adds interest to see smooth, shiny plastic or cool glass next to rugged wood, leather and cowhide.
"Two pairs of snow shoes, a couple of fishing rods and a green cowhide that stinks real bad," I said, somewhat sheepishly.
Cowhide originally enveloped the items but were transferred to a copper box in 1855 to protect the contents.
I constructed the harness using the otter fur over light weight split cowhide, and a green flowered print fabric for liner.
The Etched Porta Tile cowhide rug has the design etched into sections of premium hair-on hide that are matched for color and arranged so that the hair lies in different directions; a 5-by-7 retails for $1,995.
The ancient cheese makers were a Bronze Age people who buried their dead under boat-like wooden structures packed in cowhide, creating conditions that "vacuum-packed" the bodies and the cheese, says Andrej Shevchenko, whose study is to be published in the Journal of Archaeological Science.
Aventura, FL, August 02, 2013 --( eCowhides, one of the largest online genuine cowhides retailers in the country, announced the launch of a huge, overstock sale of up to 60% off on many of their grade A quality cowhide rugs and pillows.
And at Calypso and Calypso Home, silk tunics and cowhide coasters will enchant even the hardest-to-shop-for in-law.
I have used cowhide as a means to subvert expected associations with corporeal presence, femininity, sexuality and vulnerability.