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A derogatory term used as either an adjective or a noun
adjective Referring to a doctor who performs surgery, but isn’t fully qualified and is thus known as a 'cowboy surgeon'
noun A doctor who performs a type of surgery—e.g., a hair transplant—with little experience for the procedure
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Some of his early films included "Duck Soup" with the Marx Brothers, "Wonder Bar" with Al Jolson and "Rhythm on the Range" with Bing Crosby, in which he amused audiences and co-workers alike when he sang "I'm an Old Cowhand."
You wonder if the old cowhand has trouble picturing tourists bedding down where he and other paniolos used to set up rough trail camps during roundups.
On all three haciendas, the necessary worker types (farmworker, cowhand, mule-skinner, artisan) included all of the major racial types (indio, mestizo, mulato), without any obvious segregation.
Then I thought about some so-called golden oldies, such as See You Later Alligator, I'm An Old Cowhand, How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?
Upfield immigrated to Australia in 1911 and was a sheepherder, gold miner, cowhand, soldier, and fur trapper before turning to writing.
"Hello, I'm Hector Gonzalez from La Selva," he says quietly to Carlos Harkin, a cowhand who is well respected by his neighbors.
Barren Lives, 1961), his best work, details the sufferings of an illiterate cowhand. Infancia (1945, tr.
The other is a shiftless cowhand in whose mind lurks something evil and deadly.
Glenn Ford falls into a hotbed of repressed passions when married rancher Ernest Borgnine hires him as a cowhand. Frontier drama works hard to evoke Othello's overbearing mood.
A rancher hires a cowhand, who repays his kindness by embarking on a torrid affair with his wife 1956***
Big, Gloria and Molly south of the border, where they are warm and happy and sing songs, such as "Besame Mucho," "Cielito Lindo," "I'm an Old Cowhand," "Jamaica Farewell" and others.
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