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Smith represents 270 workers in three crafts: painters, glaziers and floor coverers.
Beginning in the 1960s, studies on the population of insulation workers -- pipe coverers were the most heavily exposed group, but they worked alongside electricians, plumbers, pipe-fitters, carpenters and other kinds of construction trades in shipyards and other construction sites -- showed that about 40 percent of them were dying from occupational cancer and asbestosis.
He explained that this "almost forced the bridegroom to give a carouse to the neighbourhood" -- a locality of fustian cutters, umbrella coverers, hard-done-by slipper and shirt makers, and lodging-house dwellers ("not a bad lot, taking everything into consideration", opined the canon).
Their training programs offer required course instruction to painters, glaziers and floor coverers.
McCarron urged contractors to begin skill-upgrade training for all of their employees, and to insist that all floor coverers earn the INSTALL certification in resilient, carpet, hardwood or a all three.
Receiving the ball in his own half he used his speed and footballing skillsto beat the first line of defence on the outside and then chip ahead and beat two Weston coverers to the touchdown.
On and off-court staff positions include drivers, catering staff, groundstaff, maintenance workers, umpires, judges, security guards, scoreboard operators, ball boys and girls and court coverers.