cover-uncover test

al·ter·nate cov·er test

a test to detect phoria or strabismus; attention is directed to a small fixation object, and one eye is covered for several seconds; then the cover is moved quickly to the other eye; if the eye moves when it is uncovered, a strabismus or phoria is present.
Synonym(s): cover-uncover test

cov·er-un·cov·er test

(kŏv'ĕr-ŭn'kŏv-ĕr test)
A test to detect strabismus. The patient's attention is directed to a small fixation object, one eye is covered and after a few seconds, uncovered; if the uncovered eye moves to see the picture, strabismus is present.
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Sensitivities of the Random Dot E stereoacuity and Stereo Smile II tests were similar to each other and lower than the sensitivities of the first four, while the cover-uncover test had very low sensitivity (16 percent) but very high specificity (98 percent).