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The changes he and the Kameda family have made at the Kameda Medical Center in Chiba were the subject of our cover story this month.
In August 1994, The New York Times ran another rather propitious cover story discussing the improving outlook for industry in New York, citing three factors as its cause: the shift away from large scale mass-production inviting specialized smaller industries to succeed; the drive on the part of small business to respond quickly to consumer trend-oriented tastes; and the collapse of a 1980's run-away real estate market that has limited the conversion of industrial buildings and thus expanded the opportunities available in industrial buildings which might otherwise remain vacant.
This week's Bloomberg Businessweek cover story features Donald Trump, who reports that "I'm very serious" about running for office.
Later that year, Etheridge's fight against breast cancer inspires an Advocate cover story of another kind.
The premier issue includes a cover story on Cathy Hughes, owner of Radio One, and articles on the history of minority philanthropy, non-profit board organization and recruitment, gifts of faith, and profiles of three minority volunteers and non-profit professionals.
For example, TNA warned in a 1989 cover story and a 1991 cover story that the real objective behind the Common Market-European Community process was to create a European suprastate.
Your cover story suggesting Americans learn from Europe to create new American Dream underscores a fundamental problem in American society.
In this issue's cover story, "Disarming History" (page 22), Malcolm provides the definitive account of the Bellesiles controversy; she also looks at scandals involving the award-winning historians Joseph Ellis, Stephen Ambrose, and Doris Kearns Good-win.
Check out the cover story in Weekly World News about Buster Simcus, a Dallas native who weighs 4,028 pounds and is going to be lowered by a blimp into the Louisiana Superdome during halftime of the Super Bowl with advertisements all over his jumpsuit.
This paper presents results from a preliminary investigation in which researchers manipulated the cover story of an open-ended assessment that required students to design an experiment.
The mold problem continues to grow for the industry (see cover story, page 26):
Our cover story by writer Karen Kahler Holliday finds that top executives place a high value on leadership as a means of managing through change.