cover glass

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cov·er glass

a thin glass disc or plate covering an object examined under the microscope.
Synonym(s): coverslip
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cover glass

2. A protective sheet of glass for a transparency.
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A hard, brittle, amorphous, transparent material composed of silica and various bases.

cover glass


fiber glass

See: fiberglass

fibrous glass


ground glass

Abnormal shadowing seen radiographically. In chest x-ray films, it may indicate interstitial fibrosis of the lung; in abdominal films, it suggests ascites.

leaded glass

Safety glass that contains lead, used in radiology to help protect personnel from x-rays.

photochromic glass

Glass that is manufactured to appear clear until light strikes it. When used in sunglasses, the lens becomes dark and reduces the amount of light transmitted, becoming clear again when no longer exposed to bright light.

polarized glass

Glass treated with a medium that permits the exiting light waves to vibrate in only one direction.

safety glass

A type of laminated glass that meets specific requirements concerning the force necessary to break it and is designed to break without shattering. Its use in automobiles reduces the risk of injury from broken glass.

tempered glass

Glass that has been heat-treated to increase the force required to break it.

ultraviolet transmitting glass

Glass designed to admit ultraviolet radiation through it. It transmits about half of the solar radiation, between the wavelengths of 290 and 320 nm.

vita glass

Window glass containing quartz for transmitting the ultraviolet rays of sunlight.

watch glass

A shallow, saucer-like glass dish, resembling the glass cover widely used to cover the face of a large pocket watch.
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This new curved cover glass is surface-treated using the company's proprietary technology, a process that includes chemical strengthening treatment, optical thin-film coating, and surface printing.
The cover glass manufacturing process is labor intensive, as the scope for automation is minimal.
His supplies during his six month stay will be brought by cargo spacecraft also fitted with Qioptiq cover glass.
While the overall cover glass market growth is falling, increasing popularity of the Apple Watch is leading to growth in smart watch cover glass shipments, according to IHS.
While AGC's Dragontrail, a specialty glass for chemical strengthening, is available for use as cover glass of such electronic devices, certain devices such as notebook computers use chemically strengthened glass that is manufactured using thin soda-lime glass.
According to Corning its Gorilla Glass is an environmentally friendly glass designed specifically to function as a cover glass for high-end display devices such as televisions, notebook PCs and mobile phones.
We ll also be listening for additional clarity on recent comments attributed to CEO Wendell Weeks in a Corning press release indicating that Gorilla sales could reach approximately $1 billion annually by 2011 driven by the TV cover glass application; we currently forecast $315m from Gorilla Glass in 2011.
The ADF is a laminate of seven different layers, including a UV/IR filter, three polarizers, two liquid crystal elements and a cover glass. The benefits of the filter/helmet combination design are listed as lightweight construction, snap together design (no filter fasteners), narrow helmet design, extended throat protection, constant UV/IR protection and heat-reflecting front panel.
The Table, Kitchen, and Houseware fair will cover glass, china ceramics, cutlery, and kitchen items and kitchen equipment, plus more.
Rated for use with up to 20 bar of process gas, the design allows the cover glass to be changed without the use of tools or realigmment of the nozzle tip.