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Denoting an interatomic bond characterized by the sharing of 2, 4, or 6 electrons.
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Denoting an interatomic bond characterized by the sharing of two, four, or six electrons.
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The sharing of electrons between two atoms, which bonds the atoms.
covalent (-ĕnt), adjective
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Therefore the aim of this study was to immobilize AOG by using the covalent binding method with the highest possible activity yield on Eupergit CM.
Covalent and noncovalent (hydrogen bonds and van der Waals interactions) functionalizations play a principle role in the drug delivery systems.
Moreover, the concept of using molecular design to mix covalent and reversible bonds to create a homogenous hybrid elastomer is quite general and should enable development of tough, self-healing polymers of practical usage," he added.
In this work, density functional theory calculations have been performed to investigate the properties of metal-doped covalent organic frameworks and their interactions with S[O.sub.2] gas.
antagonists called Selective Estrogen Receptor Covalent Antagonists (SERCAs) that inactivate the estrogen receptor by targeting a cysteine that is not present in other nuclear hormone receptors.
The prepared polymer microspheres were used for laccase immobilization via covalent linkage.
Apart from dehydrogenation actions, Schiff-base coupling is utilized to form extended polymeric low dimensional architectures on substrates by the usage of [pi]-conjugated covalent bonding depending on two types of functional groups attached to monomers.
This ideally positions Covalent as a regional cards and payments
The interfacial area occupied by the electrostatic conjugate decreased more rapidly than that occupied by the covalent conjugate.
Their topics include types of chemical reactions and solution stoichiometry, atomic structure and periodicity, covalent bonding: orbitals, solubility and complex ion equilibria, and the representative elements.
It states that nitrogen atoms cannot have five covalent bonds.