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A trial comparing MACE in patients receiving iodixanol or ioxaglate during PTCA for acute coronary syndromes
Primary endpoints In-hospital MACE
Conclusion MACE is lower in high-risk patients without renal insufficiency undergoing PTCA with iodixanol than with ioxaglate
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Interspersed in the work are thirteen case studies that examine various aspects of instrumental music production within a specific locus, ranging from the translation of Josquin's vocal music to an instrumental idiom, to courtly and civic patronage patterns in Burgundy, England, and Antwerp, to biographical data on musicians such as Conrad Paumann and Benvenuto Cellini (his own autobiographical account of his training and professional experience in the musical world) as well as rich primary-source descriptions of festive occasions such as the wedding of William (son of Albert V of Bavaria) and Renata of Lorraine in 1568.
This model of love, of a knight serving a beautiful lady, dubbed "courtly" by the nineteenth-century critic Gaston Paris, "has provoked more comment than almost any other aspect of medieval civilization" (Gies 59).
Courtly Encounters admirably shows the relevance of producing commensurability, provides rich detail, and makes numerous lucid observations--yet it also leaves the reader with hesitations and questions.
Chapter one looks closely at the world of courtly diplomacy and of a language of insults that could run through a diplomatic conversation.
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While Queen Guinevere plays different roles in the different versions of the legend, we can spy the very beginning of Courtly love in the early works, namely in, Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia regum Britanniae, Lawman, Brut, The Vulgate, The Alliterative Poem Morte Arthure.
The third chapter under the title Courtly Love: Passion and the Poetry of Troubadours tends to analyze the origin and elaboration of the medieval concept of courtly love as developed by the Troubadours of the high Middle Ages.
The first is Denis de Rougemont, whose Love in the Western World (1939) begins with a close analysis of the Tristan and Iseult legend and of courtly Provencal poetry; following Gaston Paris, de Rougement discusses the greater nobility of a courtly lover who subjects himself repeatedly to intense sexual torment while being resigned to unconsummated desire.
The holiday first became associated with romantic love in the time of Geoffrey Chaucer in the Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love f lourished.
The Discourse of Courtly Love in Seventeenth-Century Spanish Theater.
Kosta-Thefaine's book consists of essentially three essays that explore the expression of grief and suffering in the courtly idiom, suggesting a less gender-oriented reading, as well as a renewal of courtly themes in Christine's novel expression.