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The Hindi courseware was launched last month by Manohar Parrikar, Chief Minister of Goa, at the city of Goa.
* Interactive principle: The interaction is an important feature of multimedia courseware is different from other forms of teaching, whether you need a computer courseware, will you need the content pushed to the front of you; you can control the speed.
In the present study, researchers, who were also instructional designers and content experts, applied DBR to the courseware development environment for setting up a virtual nano-biotechnology laboratory.
Placed under the category of "Innovations on Learning and Localization," the Mathematics courseware project will compete with 21 other projects from the region.
Ed Bowen, who will play a major role in providing consulting services, describes it as a more hands on approach to courseware. "In the past we produced a product and we took the product to the front door of the customer and said 'Hey, your package has arrived; here you go.' What I think we're doing now is we're going to come into your living room with the package and make sure it works.
The future looks even brighter for ITs because NCTAMS LANT intends to bring shipboard personnel into the virtual world of Shore Unique Courseware.
Walsh provides seven case studies of leading online courseware initiatives: two now-defunct initiatives, Fathom and AllLearn; four free and open projects, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) OpenCourseWare, Carnegie Mellon University's Open Learning Initiative, Open Yale Courses, and webcast.berkeley; and, for an international perspective that differs in a number of respects from the others, the National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning by the Indian Institutes of Technology.
The courseware can be an aid to an overall learning strategy which is a conglomeration of other methods of instruction such as the lecture, tutorial sheets, and textbooks.
Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Sensors is donating the courseware as part of a commitment to the Canadian government to satisfy industrial and regional benefits associated with its role as prime contractor for the mid-life modernization of the combat systems on board the Navy's Halifax Class frigate.
India will also supply courseware, covering 400-600 students per year, and trainers to conduct the classes.
Shank and Dewald recommended that librarians be "proactive in inserting links to library resources within the courseware domain." (p.38).