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1. the series of events in a disease incident in a patient. It may be peracute, acute, subacute, chronic or intermittent.
2. to course a rabbit, hare or fox is to run it in view, the opposite of conventional hunting by scent. Is prevented by legislation in most countries.

acute course
1 or 2 days.
chronic course
more than 1 week.
intermittent course
periods of normality of a few minutes or hours.
peracute course
a few hours.
recurrent course
periods of normality of weeks to months.
subacute course
up to a week.

Patient discussion about course

Q. Thanks in advance for your help!!!I of course I need to work closely with my doctor, and i want to share here. Hi to all, I am 25, female with bipolar and wants to have a baby. I have so many doubts in me; the main question is does intake of bipolar meds safe during pregnancy? Is it possible to have a healthy baby being a bipolar? Thanks in advance for your help!!!I of course I need to work closely with my doctor, and I wanted to share here first.

A. I dealt with pregnancy without meds as I had only depression. But your case is different. You being a bipolar should continue meds to get cure for that disorder. I shall suggest you to get treatment for this disorder and later try for pregnancy. I am sure the medicines will have side effect on the baby and I read years ago that some of the medications used to treat mood disorders can actually dissolve the baby. Secondly, there are other ways to go around this. You can have different therapy. That will surely help you. Finally it is better to consult your family physician before trying to become pregnant. I shall strongly suggest you to get rid of this disorder and try pregnancy later as you are still young and can wait for 2 more years?

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A third possible course of action involves consolidating the HBCT CBRN Soldiers into two separate platoons.
Strength: For any ends, e and f, if an agent cares about e more deeply than she cares about f and it is not unreasonable of the agent to care more deeply about e than she cares about f, then the agent has a stronger pro tanto reason not take a course of action that is incompatible with e than she has not to take a course of action that is incompatible with f.
Secondly, the course of action taken by the letter writers: I suggest that ECHO Letters readers are not typically ``litter louts'' so why address comments to them?
A Soho Square spokesman said: "The matter is still in the hands of police and only when they have concluded their inquiries will the FA decide what course of action, if any, to take.
These are factors that are used to compare each course of action against all others.
Many delegations agreed with this course of action.
The course of action the physicians chose to take was quite alienated from the wishes my grandmother had expressed throughout her years of treatment.
Whether Masahito is making a decision for his team or on his own, his course of action should be the same.
A decision can be briefly characterized as the "acceptance or rejection of a course of action.
That course of action will prevent hidden damage from accumulating if excessive blood sugar concentrations subsequently develop, the panal predicts.
Following receipt of indications of interest from all parties to the process, the board of directors will make a determination as to what course of action to pursue and the process and timing for the selected course of action.
Forecast" means prospective financial statements that present, to the best of the responsible party's knowledge and belief, an entity's expected financial position, results of operations, and changes in financial position or cash flows that are based on the responsible party's assumptions reflecting conditions it expects to exist and the course of action it expects to take;