coupling phase

cou·pling phase

the physical relationship of two syntenic genes. If they are on the same chromosome, they are said to be "in coupling" or "in the cis phase"; if on opposite members of a chromosome pair, "in repulsion" or "in the trans phase."
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The 12 RAPD markers linked in coupling phase with blue mold resistance were all positioned within a contiguous group of 14.
Each of the 12 coupling phase RAPD markers was found to be present for eight cultivars or breeding lines with resistance reportedly derived from a wild Nicotiana species (Table 2).
The information obtained and the resolving power of the analysis was enhanced by conducting the test in the coupling phase and advancing to the [F.
Since the test was conducted in the coupling phase and the [F.
Map orders were determined by the "order" command for coupling phase markers and the "compare" command for repulsion phase markers following three point analysis.
The markers linked in the coupling phase include the most closely linked markers [OPAA14.
If it can be assumed that all loci that affect differences between the parent and the substitution line are either unlinked or in coupling phase, then for two linked loci, i and j, P([a.
That is, k is an underestimate of k if two or more loci are in coupling phase and the remaining are independent.
All seven genetic combinations were in coupling phase and indicated close linkage of the two loci.
W1_, in a family segregating for the w1 and ms6 alleles in coupling phase will be fertile plants, Ms6_.
The coupling phase recombination fractions (r) of the seven markers in progeny of the two crosses (Higgins and B-12-9, respectively) are given in Table 2.
1992) established that calculating coupling phase linkages for autopolyploids is independent of ploidy level.