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A series of two consecutive premature ventricular contractions.
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His stanza combinations reproduce all the well-proportioned grace of his French models, and to the pentameter riming couplet of his later work he gives the perfect ease and metrical variety which match the fluent thought.
This was a bold figure of speech, but not exactly the right thing; for, unhappily, the pat opening had slipped away--even couplets from Pope may be but "fallings from us, vanishings," when fear clutches us, and a glass of sherry is hurrying like smoke among our ideas.
I long to compose rhymed couplets upon the poodle of a countess.
However, there is a second response to all three of these agents that will directly lower the central couplet. By leading to increased purine nucleoside and nucleotide pools, they will subsequently produce increased purine degradation.
In The Expression Garden Adam-Zad has chosen to work with an honored form in English poetry the couplet. Consisting of a pair of lines usually rhymed the couplet has historically been used to great effect.
And in two hours there's only one (literally) cheesy couplet.
JUNCTION CITY - The public may meet and share ideas with members of the International Society of Community and Regional Planners regarding how to keep a healthy downtown here after the planned split of its main drag - Highway 99 - into a couplet of one-way streets from 1 p.m.
Though there are a million easy cliches "revolutionary" artists can (and continue to) trot out in the name of being cheaply resonant, Filipino MCs Kiwi and Bambu (who both completed solo projects before forming the group) seamlessly intertwine academic dissections of political issues with street language and complicated metaphors that will make you smile and wonder how they manage to cram so much meaning into a rhyme couplet.
Sadly, there was the usual crop of coughers to challenge the beat and though the music "soothed the savage breast" to a degree, the couplet "....It's not the cough that carries you off but the coffin they carry you off in" stole uncharitably into one's thoughts via some vague hope that one just might...
Since the second couplet is a revision of the first, one might think that Ali had shifted from a largely nostalgic to an anti-nostalgic stance by the time he wrote "In Arabic." (1) But Ali's reasons for revising "Arabic" complicate such a reading.
So snatch a couplet, squeeze a quatrain, Swell an extended metaphor!
The same attention to dramatic structure is found in the later "The Norwegians are Coming," in which Snyder compares the sonnet structure, where the final couplet disrupts reader expectations, to dramatic "misleadings" in plays like Othello or Hamlet, where Shakespeare begins the action with one dramatic event only to overturn expectations.