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To copulate; to perform coitus; said especially of the lower animals.


/cou·ple/ (kup´'l)
1. to link together; join; connect.
2. two equal forces operating on an object in parallel but opposite directions.
3. an area of contact between two dissimilar metals, producing a difference in electrical potential.


To copulate; to perform coitus; said especially of the lower animals.


two moments applied in the same rotational direction to a rotating object or body. Also known as force couple.


two hounds.

Patient discussion about couple

Q. help program for infertil couple MY NAME IS ALEX AND I'M 44 YEARDS OLD AND MY WIFE IS NILDA AND SHE IS 41 YEARS OLD

A. Your infertility treatment plan will depend on the cause or causes behind your infertility. Infertility treatment also depends on whether the problem is from the woman’s side, the man’s side, both sides, or remains unexplained.The good news is that 85% to 90% of couples dealing with infertility are treated with low-tech treatments, like medication or surgery, with less than 3% being treated by Assisted Reproductive Technologies, like IVF. Of those treated for infertility, two-thirds will go onto have a baby. A common cause of infertility in women, ovulation disorders account for about 25% of female factor infertility cases. The first line of treatment for most women with ovulation problems is through medication. Fertility drugs can help a woman ovulate 80% of the time. For the full article: Hope this helps.

Q. what are the must test that a couple need to go through during pregnancy?

A. It depends on many things, including age, ethnicity (e.g. genetic counseling for Ashkenazi Jews), geographical areas, habits etc.

General screening include laboratory tests for blood type (including Rh type), hemoglobin levels, rubella immunity, syphilis, hepatitis B and chlamydia testing (infectious agents that may cause malformations in the fetus),

Ultrasound screening, although not proven to reduce the overall outcome, is usually offered during the first trimester in order to diagnose abnormalities of the fetus. Down syndrome screening is also usually offered to all pregnant women, although the risk is substantially higher mainly in older ages of the mother.

There are many more tests, and you may consult your doctor (e.g. gynecologist) to learn more about this subject.

You may read more here:

Q. What are the steps we as a couple go through during pregnancy? any one experienced that?? :)how does it feel

A. Dunno about steps, it just naturally progresses. You have decisions to make about nutritionals that you will take, where you want to birth your baby, if you want to experience an amazing natural drug free birth, or the other, if you want an epesiotomy, or not, who you want to be there, and if you will circumcise if you have a boy, amongst many others. My eldest daughter assumed everything would go well and didn't do her research and ended up having a c-section. She then made up for lost time, and told her sister to go for unassisted childbirth. I was able to support her because of my experience with goats and the difference nutritionals and minerals made in how successful the goats were in kidding. Not only successful, but a totally amazing experience! Even brought healing to me for the trauma I experienced birthing my own 4 babies. The pic is of the uc grandbaby. I highly recommend uc.

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While Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is not marketed as a wedding show, it is clearly all about heterosexual coupledom.
For ultimate coupledom buy the pair of 40ml bottles, priced pounds 50, which are joined by a magnet
But he doesn't sound like Mr Commitment to me - so find someone who wants real coupledom.
IT'S autumn and the leaves are falling from the trees, and the wheels are falling off the wagon of celebrity coupledom if the rumours are to be believed.
This time on ITV,her character Sarah,has managed 20 years of coupledom but faces up to divorce after confessing her feelings for another man.
Donald Margulies' honored and much-produced play on the rise and fall of coupledom, needs - begs even - to be talked about.
This follows a similar formal structure to that found in Contempt, with the obvious difference that the redeeming function of Chance is turned into a corrupting influence in the case of Prokosch -- and that he had Camille are `written out' by being killed off together (perhaps united more by their rejection of Paul than any regard for each other), rather than sidelined into a territory coded as heterosexual coupledom (though this territory does seem somehow to be located in Hawks's movie outside of marriage and domesticity, as Deborah Thomas has argued).
A perfect pair that deserves to set its union into the ranks of coupledom.
This access-all-areas backstage tour of Lee's brain turns out to be as cheesy as you'd expect from a man who gets his ideas of romantic coupledom from sofa shop adverts.
And yet, Bereznai cites statistics suggesting that fully sixty percent of the gay male population does not live in a state of long-term coupledom.
Despite our high divorce rate, we live in a society that celebrates and values coupledom above all else, and single people are viewed as rather sad, if not a little freakish.