counting fingers

counting fingers (CF) 

A method of recording vision in patients who are unable to identify any optotype on an acuity chart. If a patient correctly counts the numbers of the examiner's fingers shown, this is recorded with the distance at which it is performed.
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Visual acuity varied from 20/25 to counting fingers only.
Snellen visual acuity varied from 20/25 to counting fingers only (median 20/40).
Extensions: Playful number/ counting activities, such as singing nursery rhymes, grouping objects, and counting fingers and toes, can be an excellent way to capitalize on the video experience.
Mathematical knowledge has traditionally been thought of as the "acquisition" of problem-solving strategies that include counting fingers, verbal counting, decomposition, and retrieval.
The strategies were (a) don't know (DK) -- no attempt to solve the problem; Co) counting fingers (CF) -- fingers used to represent problem integers and then counting fingers to derive the total; (c) fingers (F) -- using fingers to represent integers but not recounting the fingers prior to stating the sum; (d) verbal counting (C) -- observation of audible counting or lip movement without the use of the fingers; (e) decomposition (D) -- decomposition of a problem into an easier problem or using a previous problem solution to help derive the total; and (f) retrieval (R) -- no counting observed.
These included counting fingers or blocks, making charts, writing out the problem in other words, and drawing pictures.
Mean visual acuity improved from counting fingers to vision sufficient to distinguish the largest symbol on the visual acuity chart from a distance of 1 meter.
Ten eyes were classified as having visual impairment less than counting fingers at enrolment.
At least 15,000 fans were clearly disguised as empty seats or else Comical Ali from the Iraqi Ministry of Information has found a new job at the turnstiles and insisted on counting fingers instead of bums.