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an enclosed space.
Chambers of the eye. From Dorland's, 2000.
anterior chamber the part of the aqueous humor-containing space of the eyeball between the cornea and iris.
counting chamber the part of a hemacytometer consisting of a microscopic slide with a depression whose base is marked in grids, and into which a measured volume of a sample of blood or bacterial culture is placed and covered with a cover glass. The number of cells and formed blood elements in the squares is counted under a microscope and used as a representative sample for calculating the unit volume.
drip chamber the expanded portion of intravenous tubing into which fluid falls, where the rate of flow can be monitored if necessary. See also intravenous infusion.
hyperbaric chamber an enclosed space in which gas (oxygen) can be raised to greater than atmospheric pressure; see also hyperbaric oxygenation.
ionization chamber an enclosure containing two or more electrodes between which an electric current may be passed when the enclosed gas is ionized by radiation; used for determining the intensity of x-rays and other rays.
posterior chamber that part of the aqueous humor–containing space of the eyeball between the iris and the lens.
vitreous chamber the vitreous humor–containing space in the eyeball, bounded anteriorly by the lens and ciliary body and posteriorly by the posterior wall of the eyeball.
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counting chamber

a device for counting microscopic objects suspended in fluid, as cells and platelets in dilute whole blood or bacteria in broth culture. It consists of a microscope slide containing a shallow cavity of uniform depth the floor of which is ruled with a grid and which, when closed with a cover glass, holds a precise volume of fluid. A calculation based on the number of objects counted within the grid lines, the dilution of the fluid, and the volume of the counting chamber yields an estimate of the concentration of objects in the fluid before dilution.
See also: hemocytometer.
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count·ing cham·ber

(kown'ting chām'bĕr)
A standardized ruled-glass slide used for counting cells (especially erythrocytes and leukocytes) and other particulate material in a measured volume of fluid. Such slides are frequently known as hemocytometers.
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Because the CD does not print erythrocyte values <1000 x [10.sup.6]/L, no correlation in the relevant erythrocyte range could be determined between the CD and the UF as well as between the CD and the counting chamber.
For study of leukocyte counts, light microscope and Improved Neubauer's counting chamber were used.
The better choice is to use counting chambers designed specifically for sperm counting and to choose one that is disposable.
Q Our present procedure includes: volume, viscosity, count (using Cell-Vu disposable counting chamber), initial motility (done within one hour of collection), morphology (Wright-Giemsa stain), vitality (if motility <40%) and another motility at six hours after collection.
As one who learned the profession by memorizing the Folin-Wu technique, and who was in awe of the technology that could produce the counting chamber in a hemocytometer, I find the notion of "(easing) the personnel pressures by providing more integrated functionality across the laboratory to provide information in a way that allows the laboratory to focus on the critical issues" to be somewhat disconcerting.
"When I first joined the laboratory service, we were still using, for some purposes, counting chambers where we diluted whole blood in a special solution, and actually counted the blood cells by eye, using a microscope and a tally counter.