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A procedure in behavorial research for distributing unwanted but unavoidable influences equally among the different experimental conditions or subjects.
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Currently, Clifford and Quincy are refining the design of their first prototype, which consists of a variable-length beam up to 20.5 feet long, a tubular-steel frame up to 8.5 feet high, and the swinging-basket counterweight weighing up to 2000 pounds.
"With only a few pounds of hardware, I successfully eliminated more than 35 pounds of counterweight," Ken reports.
Along with the commercial theaters, Clark installed the counterweight rigging systems in Masonic theaters, including Detroit.
The tension of the counterweight side traction rope [T.sub.s2] when the car loaded with i times rated load is
It completed its work to replace the antiquated hemp-and-sandbag system with a more modern (though still manual) counterweight system in September.
18, the fundamental frequency of pre-stressed concrete beams slightly increased with the increase of pre-stress value under the same counterweight. Under the same pre-stress value, the fundamental frequency of concrete beams would decrease with the increase of counterweight.
Both models feature a 24-tonne counterweight configuration and allow up to 16.5-tonne axle loads.
To operate the trebuchet, the long end of the beam was hauled down with a windlass, raising the counterweight. The projectile was positioned on the ground near the back of the framework and the ropes attached.
Counterbalancing is achieved through a counterweight and mechanical springs ratherthan gas springs.
Summary: The BRICS states -- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa -- have in recent years put themselves forward as a counterweight to the political and economic clout of the U.S.