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A civil suit initiated by a defendant to an action against the plaintiff or his attorney asserting that the original action was without reasonable or probable cause—i.e., ‘frivolous’—and motivated by malice—improper motive—or that the lawsuit ended in the favour of a physician who nonetheless suffered damage to his reputation, non-compensatory losses or other
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After the trial court dismissed the action, he Filed a countersuit against the attorney under Pennsylvania's statutory section for the wrongful use of civil proceedings.
Even if you have the alternative endorsement that excludes coverage for countersuits after suing for fees, countersuits will not be covered if the collection agency sues for your fees.
Boston, MA 10/23/03 and 10/30/03--Dow Jones Newswire reports that Amersham has filed suit against PerkinElmer and PerkinElmer has responded with a countersuit.
Dipak Nandi, a doctor sued by Allstate, Encompass, and Progressive for heading an insurance fraud syndicate, has settled his defamation of character countersuit against Allstate and its subsidiary, Encompass.
The case is now headed for Canada's Supreme Court, with Schmeiser's countersuit against Monsanto following close behind.
Now HBO is expected to shelve a dollars 100 million countersuit for damages.
NEW YORK The feud between two of Broadway's most prominent players, composer-lyricist Stephen Sondheim and producer Scott Rudin, heated up last week as Rudin filed a countersuit answering Sondheim's initial action, and a judge handed down a preliminary injunction in favor of Sondheim.
Not only did they have nothing to feel guilty about, they were thinking about a countersuit.
Included in the countersuit was ACORN's claim that RDD defamed them.
Griffing filed a $10-million countersuit against the San Antonio Express-News and its parent Hearst Newspaper Partnership L.
com agreed to drop a countersuit filed against Wal-Mart, and Wal-Mart dropped charges against former executive Richard Dalzell, now Amazon.
Occidental agreed to pay massive damages, drop a countersuit against the state, and take over cleanup of polluted drainage water from the Love Canal site.