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A civil suit initiated by a defendant to an action against the plaintiff or his attorney asserting that the original action was without reasonable or probable cause—i.e., ‘frivolous’—and motivated by malice—improper motive—or that the lawsuit ended in the favour of a physician who nonetheless suffered damage to his reputation, non-compensatory losses or other
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The usual legal theory that a countersuit is premised upon is malicious prosecution, which has to satisfy the following elements: 1) original lawsuit terminated in favor of the doctor, that is, no malpractice liability found; 2) lack of probable cause; 3) malice; and 4) special injuries.
The Phnom Penh Municipal Court dismissed Mu Sochua's lawsuit last June but continued the countersuit filed against her.
The countersuit was filed late last month by Shelbourne Development Group, Inc and its principal, Garrett Kelleher.
The countersuit follows a $150 million suit filed by Mashreqbank earlier this year.
The ruling, to be followed about six months later by a decision in a countersuit brought by the EU over US support for Boeing airliners, would be a first attempt at resolving the long-running, multi-billion-pound transatlantic dispute.
Suing for fees creates a high probability of a countersuit by the CPA's client, usually alleging malpractice during the engagement.
The same lawyer has also filed a countersuit against his neighbour on the same charge which has yet to appear in court.
Since Roehm has decided to not refile, Wal-Mart said yesterday the company would drop its countersuit against Roehm.
has filed a countersuit against Procter & Gamble, claiming the maker of Oral-B products has "falsely" disparaged the company, according to the Business Journal.
Frontenac launched a $77 million lawsuit against the two communities over their interference in the planned exploration, and the communities have countered with a $1 billion suit against the province, charging that the Ontario government failed to consult them before granting the mining rights to Frontenac, and a $10 million countersuit against Frontenac.
Sciacca had also filed a countersuit claiming he had bought the goods, which included Brian Wilson's handwritten lyrics for Wouldn't It Be Nice?
Mesa filed a countersuit charging Hawaiian with violating antitrust laws.