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A civil suit initiated by a defendant to an action against the plaintiff or his attorney asserting that the original action was without reasonable or probable cause—i.e., ‘frivolous’—and motivated by malice—improper motive—or that the lawsuit ended in the favour of a physician who nonetheless suffered damage to his reputation, non-compensatory losses or other
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Longoria Parker plans to countersue the couple in a court of law in order to protect the integrity of the restaurant, its brand and the welfare and well-being of her employees, as well as her own reputation," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Longoria's representative as saying.
However, Cage's lawyer Marty Singer reveals the tell-all was axed after the actor threatened to countersue his ex.
The butcher sued Lee for causing bodily harm, but despite making efforts, the carpenter could not countersue his unfaithful friend for adultery, because of a five-year statute of limitations.
Now, they've opened the door, and we're going to countersue for twice that much ...
Outcome: Gomez countersues for $5 million but quietly pays undisclosed amount to settle.