1. Denoting a state of actual preference, on the part of a phobic person, for the very situation of which that person is afraid.
2. Opposed to the phobic impulse, as in counterphobic mastery of a feared action by repeated engagement in the action.
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He links her rampant adolescent exhibitionism with counterphobic tendencies and frequently endeavors to show that the photographer made her subjects look how she felt-a term he refers to as "Arbused"-through quotes by former subjects and quotes about these subjects by Arbus herself.
Gilgamesh departs on a frantic counterphobic search for immortality.
Half-heartedly embracing extreme difference in order to escape the sinful excess of sameness in incest, Rene's counterphobic reaction--a panicky flight from what he fears, in ignorance that its source is within himself--only locks him into an incurable melancholia for the narcissistic dream of codependence he has lost.
You'd have thought a spell of pokey should have seen the counterphobic Jeb rush straight to Rikers Island to beg for a claustrophobic cell with Axe Killer McMurty, but no.
nostalgia is not often a counterphobic attitude toward the past,
208) According to James Hepburn, boys and men who have been abused "defend against their feelings of vulnerability through a comportment of self-reliance, detachment and self-denial," counterphobic activities often linked to excessive activity, aggression and antisocial behavior.
Overall, however, Blickle's own view of Heimat is almost overwhelmingly negative: 'Heimat constructs', we learn, 'are counterphobic conceptualizations expressed in regressive, imagistic terms' (p.
But the Dionysiaca is also a poem about poor interpersonal relationships and communication (inevitable when all are so narcissistic); the psychology of isolation; (11) exploitation of others and lack of empathy; how applause and recognition must fill the void when there is an inability to love; about struggles for dominance and furious tantrums that manifest in many ways, from formal contests to exchanges of insults; hysterical sensitivity to shame and counterphobic, often preemptive mockery and humiliation of others; exhibitionistic forms of behavior and exhibitionism's frequent counterpart, voyeurism; and shame-prone people enjoying the infliction on others of the narcissistic injuries they most fear suffering themselves.
Underneath, drivers nurse a fear that they are "nothing," and their overt, overambitious behavior is counterphobic.
I was terrified, and what I do when I'm frightened is become counterphobic.
Acts of toughness" to deal with their fear, developing counterphobic reactions;
Ramakrishna's powerfully ambivalent attitude towards women, expressed both in his phobic flight from them and in his counterphobic desire to become one, at least to the extent of a kind of protective mimicry, is in a way paradigmatic of the interplay of desire and the anxiety generated by that desire which underlies much of the mythic and cultic material under discussion.