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flowing in an opposite direction.
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1. Flowing in an opposite direction.
2. A current flowing in a direction opposite to another current.
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As in the previous study, he carefully differentiates the thought of each figure under consideration as a vector within the broad trajectory of the intellectual features typically identified as "modern." This approach allows him to locate cross- and countercurrents that make the Enlightenment considerably more variegated than often presented by its more vociferous contemporary critics.
It is a mine of information on the subject and whets the appetite for future studies that would put Florence into the wider Italian context, identify countercurrents of artistic exchange and situate painting in the broader context of the arts, including tapestries, whose significance the present book reaffirms but whose supposed influence on Italian painters such as Gozzoli and Pisanello still awaits clarification.
from their journal Countercurrents. Winthrop Holder is facilitator of
The second section examines the socio-political 'countercurrents' that have conditioned the course of deinstitutionalisation and its housing outcomes in Australia in recent years.
Fueled by vigorous currents, enormous masses of water clash against each other and against the island's irregular topography, producing countercurrents and whirlpools, large and small.
(11) For these reasons it is refreshing and laudable that Schwarcz and Benjamin remind us of the individualistic, classical-liberally rooted nemo dar approach even in this context, while remaining non-doctrinaire enough to entertain utilitarian countercurrents, such as the secured creditor priority mentioned above.
Stephen Brockmann's monograph is an essential and timely contribution to the mostly stormy debate on nation and national identity, often propelled by left- or right wing countercurrents. His unbiased perspective is liberating and inspiring; and his convincing and partly novel readings of the relevant narrative literature of the last half century give ample proof that constructs such as national identity are better perceived from the outside than from within.
In fact, Huntington is an ideologist, someone who wants to make "civilizations" and "identities" into what they are not: shut-down, sealed-off entities that have been purged of the myriad currents and countercurrents that animate human history, and that over centuries have made it possible for that history not only to contain wars of religion and imperial conquest but also to be one of exchange, cross-fertilization and sharing.
The Islamists have tried to formulate and carry out a totalitarian-derived ideology of Islamization disregarding the countercurrents of major political, religious, economic, and other societal forces.
A primary historical account, I suspect, would have dealt more extensively with the countercurrents that surely did exist.
Swirling beneath the seemingly simple storylines of the black musicals Krasner discusses are complex countercurrents of resistance.
Barker and Kamps are to be commended for offering markers to chart the treacherous critical currents and countercurrents that both reflect and stir our continuing passion for, and fascination with, Shakespeare.

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