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A procedure in behavorial research for distributing unwanted but unavoidable influences equally among the different experimental conditions or subjects.
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Its assets under management in hedge funds has improved fee-based revenues which assists in counterbalancing expected volatility in the private equity business.
The direct insurance operations, ERGO -- which include all major lines of life and non-life insurance but with a strong focus on personal lines business in Europe -- lend a greater stability to the group's earnings, counterbalancing the volatility associated with the reinsurance sector.
Fitch has embedded an expectation that growth in these fee-based revenues should assist in counterbalancing expected volatility elsewhere in the business given limited correlation with the core equity portfolio.
Counterbalancing this weak financial condition are Westar Energy's strong qualitative characteristics which include its healthy service territory, abundant capacity, strategically positioned transmission system, low rates at Kansas Power & Light, low systemwide production costs, and manageable construction budget.
Report authors Nancy Rader and Scott Hempling argue that municipal aggregation can assist the evolution of retail competition by getting competition off to a quicker start, counterbalancing an increasingly consolidated industry, and attracting a greater number of suppliers to the market.