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A procedure in behavorial research for distributing unwanted but unavoidable influences equally among the different experimental conditions or subjects.
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The April 2001 "Six Pack" included, in order of votes: Counterbalance, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; Pinch, Chicago, Illinois, USA; Big Fear, Akron, Ohio, USA; Veronica Speedwell, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Temporal Dystopia, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Pornstar, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Photo: Steel cylinders filled with concrete hang from ropes through pulleys on high roof beam to counterbalance garage doors
Summary: Intervention in the currency markets by the SNB has certainly weighed on the appeal of the Swiss franc, and as the central bank aims to counterbalance.
The dancing is fleet, buoyant, lush, and downright pretty--a counterbalance to the harsh sound, which unfortunately some audience members found intolerable.
As he adjusts to his new reality, Annon encounters the good and evil that surround and threaten him, and learns to appreciate how spirituality can counterbalance technology.
A fleet of two FM 14 rider reach trucks, one R70-20 LP Gas counterbalance truck, five R60-16 electric counterbalance and one R60-45 electric counterbalance supplied with a bale clamp provide all the materials handling needs at the Wigan manufacturing and storage site.
As a counterbalance, the curvature of the driver directs the ball in the opposite direction and nullifies some of the spin from the gear effect.
In his "Sonoran: But Not Asleep" he reclines in a hammock strong up with bungee cords, with predictably unpredictable results; and in "Dream Catcher" he and another man counterbalance each other's weight on a sculptural space frame that rolls and rocks.
The series is designed to give English readers access to early texts by and about women that counterbalance negative stereotypes.
This can involve either doubling up on the drive belt or other drive mechanism, or using a pneumatic counterbalance system.
ReFlow provides access to a pool of equity capital to help mutual fund companies counterbalance daily shareholder redemptions and purchases.
The new Mitsubishi trucks sold by Welfaux to Allied are 24 N series LP gas counterbalance trucks, fitted with special 'bread clamps', two FB18KT 48V electric counterbalance trucks and three RB14 & 16 K series reach trucks.