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A procedure in behavorial research for distributing unwanted but unavoidable influences equally among the different experimental conditions or subjects.
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Exhibiting at the show provides an ideal opportunity for us to showcase our comprehensive product range, including our hand pallet trucks, electric counterbalance forklifts and our automated trucks, which are all ideal for use in this industry.
Jason Howlett, Managing Director of Hoppecke UK & Ireland and Regional Managing Director of Western & Northern Europe, adds: "GA Pet Food Partners is an innovative, forward-thinking company that clearly understands the benefits of having reliable, efficient and cost-effective energy solutions for their fleet of counterbalance trucks.
These will include Range 3 electric counterbalance trucks and Range 2 electric pedestrian pallet trucks.
Her documentary Land of Promise: The Story of Allensworth is that counterbalance.
Vaneless mills depended on a counterbalance weight, perched at the end of a wood beam, to perform that function.
Suspension of Disbelief, Victor Quijada's new piece, set to a commissioned score of great dynamic range by Mitchell Akiyama, is a splendid study in control and counterbalance.
The author's use of dialogue gives the story immediacy, and the poetic language with which he delivers the deepest revelations acts as a counterbalance to the harshness he describes.
Platen movement is precisely guided with eight linear bearings on the moving platen, and a new counterbalance system provides stable motion at high speeds.
The pair has been reported to have much support among co-workers, and has received sympathetic remarks from Liberal and NDP MPs without the necessary counterbalance from Conservatives.
Strongly recommended for physicians, Healing Words is a much-needed counterbalance to the defensive hostility widely promulgated by today's modern sue-happy society.
If structural steel, sheet steel and reinforcing bar from Gulf Coast rebuilding projects are ordered this fall, it could cause a counterbalance in steel demand at the same time Katrina-related scrap is hitting the market.
But, he added, the City's bid possesses a number of attributes that help counterbalance any disadvantages.