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The action of a drug or chemical agent having an action opposing that of another agent.


n instinctive response of the life force to the implementation of the homeopathic remedy. Also called
after action and
back action. See also secondary drug action.

Patient discussion about counteraction

Q. what are the affects of sleep deprivation, and can I counteract them? I’m a college student and I’ve been sleeping for 5-6 hours a night for the past month…what symptoms should I expect? And how can I counteract them?

A. I studied this just 2 days ago:

Studies on sleep deprivation are actually beginning to show that people do not require as much sleep as traditionally taught. While sleep deficits effect first auditory acuity, and can even cause people to go into what are called microsleeps, researchers are finding that when people are being deprived of sleep they actually sleep more efficiently (spending more time in stages 3 and 4 of sleep) The problem is that people do not train themselves properly to shortened sleep periods, thus stuggle to adapt when they cannot receive the customary eight hours. Ideally, with adequate control and preperation, people can sleep for 4 hours a night and be fully cognatively functional.

(DaVinci purportedly survived on 15min cat naps taken every four hours his entire adult life, and he was certainly on his toes)

Just thought you'de find that interesting

See Pinel's chapter on Sleep in his text "Biopsychology" for more. (Pinel, 2009)


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9) The counteraction theory of patent-ineligibility proposes that restrictions on patent-eligibility are sometimes the most effective means of offsetting such technology-specific biases in the patentability conditions and helping to equalize the strength of patent protection for all technologies.
Passive systems always exert the weakened counteraction to an external influence, i.
The author clearly shows how diverse disciplines can coalesce to form an efficient terrorist counteraction force.
Besides, say detractors, investors will come to anticipate the signals thrown off by TAA computer models and take counteraction that will limit the strategy's value.
Among the priority tasks of law enforcement bodies, Vladimir Putin also called the counteraction to extremism: "Any illegal actions aimed at splitting society, destabilizing the situation, is a serious threat, and your direct duty is to neutralize it promptly.
It's necessary to boost preventive measures among followers of radical movements, pay attention to extremism propaganda on the internet, boost work on information counteraction to terrorism and extremism," he said.
Consensus was reached on the main directions in the work of the state institutions for effective counteraction of corruption among persons who occupied or are occupying senior public positions, to ensure application of integrated approach which, along with prevention, will focus on identifying, investigation and implementation of criminal liability.
On Friday, the North Korean Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN An Myong Hunif told reporters that if South Korea does not respond to Pyong Yang's ultimatum, its military counteraction will be inevitable and very strong.
It added: "Our toughest counteraction will be boldly taken against the White House.
Vice Prime Minister Mamataliyev briefed Ashita Mittal about the National Sustainable Development Strategy and underlined that in terms of ensuring national security the given Strategy is focused on increasing capacity of law enforcement agencies, counteraction to drug trafficking and terrorism, rule of law.
Following is discussion of dealing with such tactics at various stages of arbitration, using ICC rules as counteraction, dealing with state entities, sanctions, the role of state courts, and the impact of national systems on international arbitration, among other topics.