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a numerical computation or indication.
Addis count the determination of the number of erythrocytes, leukocytes, epithelial cells, and casts, and the protein content in an aliquot of a 12-hour urine specimen; used in the diagnosis and management of kidney disease.
blood count (blood cell count) see blood count.
blood count, complete a series of tests of the peripheral blood, including the erythrocyte count, erythrocyte indices, leukocyte counts, and sometimes platelet count.
blood count, differential differential leukocyte count.
erythrocyte count determination of the number of erythrocytes in a unit volume of blood that has been diluted in an isotonic solution, done with an automatic counter such as a flow cytometer. Called also red blood cell or red cell count.
leukocyte count determination of the number of leukocytes in a unit volume of blood, usually after the erythrocytes have been lysed and the blood has been diluted; it may be done either manually with a hemacytometer or electronically. See total leukocyte c. and differential leukocyte c. Called also white blood cell or white cell count.
leukocyte count, differential a leukocyte count that calculates the percentages of different types. See also total leukocyte count.
leukocyte count, total a leukocyte count measuring the total number of all the types in a given volume of blood. See also differential leukocyte count.
platelet count determination of the total number of platelets per cubic millimeter of blood; the direct platelet count simply counts the cells using a microscope, and the indirect platelet count determines the ratio of platelets to erythrocytes on a peripheral blood smear and computes the number of platelets from the erythrocyte count.
red blood cell count (red cell count) erythrocyte count.
reticulocyte count a calculation of the number of reticulocytes in 1 cu mm of peripheral blood, recorded either as an absolute number or as the percentage of the erythrocyte count. It provides a means of assessing the erythropoietic activity of the bone marrow.
white blood cell count (white cell count) leukocyte count.
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1. A reckoning, enumeration, or accounting.
2. To enumerate or score.
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Lab medicine The enumeration of a thing. See Absolute eosinophil count, Bacterial count, CD4 count, Colony count, Collateral frame count, Differential count, Platelet count, Pollen count, Red cell count, Reticulocyte count, Sperm count, White cell count Surgery A needle and instrument count. See Sponge count.
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1. A reckoning, enumeration, or accounting.
2. To enumerate or score.
3. A tally of instruments and materials performed at the beginning of a surgical operation and again before the incision is closed, to ensure that no foreign object remains in the patient.
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Patient discussion about count

Q. When do you start counting your pregnancy? I want to know if after your last period you start counting your months of pregnancy.

A. so many doctors are counting from your last menstrual day.
so if you had your last menstrual period on 30 october 2008, and today is 5 december 2008, and you check yourself is positively pregnant -- it means you are 5 weeks pregnant already.

Q. how do i teat my no sperm count? i do not have a live sperm,how can i treat and have live sperm count

A. The treatment is done only at specialist centers, and consists first of evaluation of the reason for this condition (called azoospermia). If an anatomical malformation is found, it may be corrected, as well as medical conditions, and in some cases, direct extraction of sperms from the testes (called MESA) enables in-vitro fertilization.

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Q. what is the counting diet? when you count your calories of every meal during the day? why is it so papular?

A. because you get so frustrated of counting calories all the time that you rather skip meals :)
yes it's counting calories, and it's popular because at the end our body cannot defy the laws of thermodynamics- if you eat 4000 calories a day and use only 3000, the rest will transform into fat. and in this diet it doesn't matter what you eat as long as you don't go over the calorie level you decided. not always a healthy diet if done without someone supervising it.

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Hastings can always be counted upon to write a page-turner, and each of his characters here manages to be appealing in his own right.
Thus, the codeword "good heart" was to reassure his evangelical conservative base that both Roberts and Miers are people of faith who abide by the religious and moral principles adhered to by evangelicals and who could be counted upon to uphold these principles, including a "pro-life" stance on abortion.
Those individuals may not feature in the tabloids or TV media, but can be counted upon to work tirelessly to improve communities and to assist young people improve their educational and life skills while challenging the dangers of drugs and yob culture.
Although that is certainly a priority, their judgment and recommendations cannot be counted upon to be in your best interests.
If plunked in a Canadian city, the padre could be counted upon to converse honestly with vagrants--not "minister to" them--undeterred by tuberculosis and lice, or sharing his lunch with a criminal
I am proud to be part of an organization where even the most unlikely aid, that of competitors, can be counted upon by NAPCA members.
"There is something different behaviorally and physiologically when you're not an employee who, perhaps, is counted upon to go along with the company agenda." As an outsider, he believes, he can tell a CEO and board of directors--with consistent, diplomatic and political objectivity--why he believes something will or will not work.
Weems can always be counted upon to impart loving truths and "on-time" wisdom to let us see ourselves from a new perspective.
Whenever conflicts arose among community members, the elders were counted upon to resolve the disagreements.
Rattling off the names of some 25 right-wing television pundits, Alterman rhetorically inquires, "Who among the liberals can be counted upon to be as ideological, as relentless, and as nakedly partisan as George Will, Bob Novak, Pat Buchanan...?" Let's see: Democratic hatchet man James Carville, perhaps?
Whether the task at hand is disposing of retail stores in California, a distribution center in Tennessee, or a shuttered factory in Chicago, the real estate consultant is counted upon to turn illiquid assets into cash, quickly and efficiently, achieving an optimal tradeoff between time and price.
And third, saving Social Security could be reliably counted upon to trump any tax cut.