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In their line of work, they are routinely counted upon to keep businesses and municipalities moving during periods of snow storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and any other type of natural disaster.
Commissioner Thomas Rosch, in a dissent, expressed concern that Facebook could be counted upon to respect its promises.
Ninkovich, who has stepped up his game in the play-offs, will also be counted upon to limit running back Ahmad Bradshaw out of the backfield where he has been a frequent target.
counted upon to serve the future goal of transforming Kuwait into a world
The Legislature that created and profits by such abuses cannot be counted upon to remedy them.
They understand that he cannot be counted upon to help impose their radical left ideology on the Canadian people.
Pauline could always be counted upon to volunteer her services and was generous with her time and support.
From the 8- year-old (youngest soldier I ever knew) to the oldest, every Montagnard, without exception, could be counted upon to be there.
Defender Darren Williams can always be counted upon to give his all in the heat of the battle, and he is relishing the chance to pit himself against one of the championship challengers.
As DVD technology takes its place as the eventual replacement for the ubiquitous CD, DVD-R will become an indispensable medium that can be counted upon to store and deliver digital information reliably and inexpensively.
They have spent part of their Perth conference reassuring Labour that in the new Parliament they can be counted upon for support in fending off the nasty Nats.
That's why he can't command a firm base of progressive and radical activists to work overtime prop, ping him up - something which so many Democratic politicians have counted upon in the past.