photon density

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pho·ton den·si·ty

the number of counted events recorded in scintigraphy per square centimeter or per square inch of imaged area.
Synonym(s): count density
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In the plaques, the count density was most prominent in the areas with high and intermediate macrophage density (150 [+ or -] 38 PSL/[mm.sup.2] and 150 [+ or -] 45 PSL/[mm.sup.2], resp.) (Figure 3).
Without the preinjection, the [sup.18]F-GE-180 count density was very focused on plaque areas with intermediate or high macrophage infiltration, and the count density was very low in the areas with low number of macrophages.
Using dopplerian redshits the galactic count density is 4.6 x [10.sup.6] counts per cubic Glyr, leading to a mean Universe density of 1.84 x [10.sup.-30] g/[cm.sup.3].
The following macropore attributes were measured: total macroporosity (proportion of pore space >0.065 mm diameter in the total soil volume, [mm.sup.3]/[mm.sup.3]); macropore surface area ([mm.sup.2]/[mm.sup.3]); macropore count density (number of macropores/ [mm.sup.2]); macropore shape (as determined by the degree of roundness of macropores, 1.0 for circular macropores); and macropore sieve (mean diameter of macropores if they were all spherical in shape, mm).
Significant differences in macropore count density were observed between soils of treatments HI SD and C in Year 2, and between soils of treatments SS and HI-SD in Year 3, with fewer macropores in treatment SS than HI-SD (Table 6).
Table 1 Output Power (W) Luminaire CRI (lumens) Efficacy (L/W)) Reported 5686 82 69 85 Performance Data Absolute 4309 81 53 81 Photometry Table 2 Average (FC) Fixture Lighting Power Illumination Count Density (W/SF) Relative Photometry 40 81 0.7 Absolute Photometry 40 110 0.9
It is easier to hit with because the string gives a wide margin for the bird to fly through, but as the bird hits the string of skimpy pellets in the column, the amount of shot (payload pellet count density) is greatly reduced from that of a short shot string coming into target contact from a modified choke.
Foldedness Simple Weighted Word Index Word Count Word Count Density (%) Group A 21.6 10.6 15.6 31.8 Group B 41.8 13.8 21.8 37.2 Group C 93,8 17.8 27.8 46.2