count, platelet

count, platelet,

n the determination of the number of platelets in a cubic millimeter of blood. The normal count is 200,000 to 500,000.
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The effect of preeclampsia on complete blood count, platelet count and mean platelet volume.
On multivariate analysis, 11 core variables (pulse rate, general health status, mental test score, performance status, presence of anorexia, presence of any site of metastatic disease, presence of liver metastases, C-reactive protein, white blood count, platelet count, and urea) independently predicted both 2-week and 2-month survival.
She returned to Rio de Janeiro on January 5 and visited a private clinic on January 7, when a complete blood count, platelet count, urea, creatinine, liver function tests, and dengue serologic testing were performed.
placement system Helena Laboratories The Plateletworks(R) system provides platelet Plateletworks count, platelet aggregation or inhibition and CBC data in less than five minutes using whole blood at the point of care.
The most common Grade 3-4 adverse events (equal to or greater than two percent) in the gemcitabine-capecitabine (GEM-CAP) combination arm of the study include neutropenia, increased white blood cell count, platelets, fatigue and hand/foot syndrome.