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one who gives advice or instruction.
vocational counselor a professional who assists disabled individuals in assessing their strengths and weaknesses and selecting jobs or careers that maximize their potential to become contributing members of the workforce. The vocational counselor works as a member of the rehabilitation team to formulate a plan designed to achieve vocational goals.
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(koun′sə-lər, -slər)
A person, especially a licensed professional, who treats people with mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders and problems. See Usage Note at council.

coun′se·lor·ship′ n.
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High quality in a journal article encompasses many things, including a clearly conceptualized purpose, a firm grasp of existing literature that is used to create a context for the article, well-articulated research questions, solid research design and analysis, clearly described results, and a strong discussion of the implications of the work for school counselors. Readers of PSC deserve no less.
A factor in the development of an effective relationship between the client and counselor is the development of a strong working alliance (Lustig, Strauser, Rice, & Rucker, 2002).
The CACCM includes the following seven steps: counselor's establishment of a culturally appropriate relationship with the client (Step 1), identification of career issues (Step 2), assessment of the impact of cultural factors on identified career issues (Step 3), and appropriate process and goal setting (Step 4).
The counselor needs to remember that when things look bleak, they can and do get better.
Naturally, counselors working with Asian American/Pacific Islander clients will need to complement their understanding of the basic information about the original culture with an exploration of these additional factors.
Three years ago, when Hardy was a counselor at Sleepy Hollow (N.Y.) High School, she went into an ESL social studies class to discuss tolerance issues with students from various countries who were having a tough time getting along.
Regarding counselor education graduate students' cognitive attitudes toward racial diversity, affective attitudes toward greater personal contact with racial diversity, and attitudes toward women's (gender) equity, several comments can be offered.
A high school student in Oregon writes, "I think the counselor should tell only the mother.
Fifty-three percent of the Counselors indicated that the leading source of financing for construction in the next two years will be domestic banks.
Brigman, Ph.D., is a professor with the Department of Counselor Education, Florida Atlantic University, Davie.
However, implications of a study by McGlothlin and Davis, reported in Counselor Education and Supervision, citing the relative importance of the Council for Accreditation of College and Related Educational Programs(CACREP) 2001 Standards, make it urgent that professional career counselors continue the call for advocacy made by Dagley and Salter in their review of the literature last December.

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