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A titration technique in which the titrant is electrochemically generated. The Ag+ titrant in the chloridometer is commonly used to determine the concentration of chloride in the sample.
[coulomb + -metry]
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The team has examined the interaction between surface plasmon resonance and nanofeatured surface structures for laser writers with sub-wavelength lithographic capabilities; innovative lipids found to dissolve or inactivate deadly viruses such as SAP, S, avian flu, etc.; and electrochemistry-based blood analysis instruments possessing break-through coulometry capabilities.
Replacing the chloride electrode whenever the result for selectivity control solution exceeded its 3 SD limit reduced the rate of falsely high (difference for ISE minus coulometry >10 mmol/L) results to 0.3%.
The layers were characterized with x-ray fluorescence (XRF), electrochemical stripping coulometry and atomic force microscopy (AFM).
For a detailed elucidation of the oxidation mechanism of the BC and PC and the reduction of their oxidation products, the spectral analysis (NMR or mass spectrometry) and coulometry are recommended for the future investigations.
coulometry. The reduction was thought to proceed by initial formation of the radical anion which subsequently dimerizes.
When combined with column switching, our approach is also more sensitive than other methods: its detection limit is four times lower than the latest reported detection limits for fluorometry (15) and coulometry (31).