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As she stood in line to purchase textbooks, Sister Manreen Burke, Regina's principal, told Jamal she could not attend classes wearing the hajib because it violated the Catholic school's dress code.
Last fall, JS reported that many children in Kenya could not attend school because their families could not afford school fees (see "In the Coffee Fields of Kenya, "Nov.
Seyal could not attend the seminar because of the press of company business, he said "Yasmin did a terrific job of selecting topics for the breakout sessions and assembling an absolutely outstanding faculty.
Home Secretary Jack Straw last night told Passport Agency staff they could not attend a sports day in the face of the passport crisis.
I am impressed with the depth and breadth of ScottishPower's education initiatives," said Rene Leger, Executive Director of Worksite 21, who could not attend the public meeting.
Bob Burke and Barbara Saunders gave some insight into Hale's character and there were myriad cards and greetings from other well-wishers, some of whom could not attend.
Unfortunately, the conference was oversubscribed and the company could not attend.
When Graham was told her son could not attend class at Placerita unless he was in uniform, the mother contacted the American Civil Liberties Union.

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