absorbent cotton

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1. a plant of the genus Gossypium.
2. a textile material derived from the seeds of this plant.
absorbable cotton oxidized cellulose.
absorbent cotton (purified cotton) cotton freed from impurities, bleached, and sterilized; used as a surgical dressing.
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ab·sor·bent cot·ton

cotton from which all fatty matter has been extracted, so that it readily takes up fluids.
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ab·sor·bent cot·ton

(ab-sōrbĕnt kotŏn)
Cotton from which all fatty matter has been extracted, so that it readily takes up fluids.
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In comparison, the cotton wool in the e-cigarette bell jar remains practically unchanged, with some water vapour on it and very slight discolouration from the colouring in the e-liquid.
Fill up your snowman's hat with cotton wool or wadding.
The hearing was told he took some of the cotton wool belonging to his workmate, Marcus Wilson, and placed it in his own locker.
"I put wet cotton wool on her eyelids and closed them.
All we can do is wrap him up in cotton wool. If he is not ready, we can't risk him.
Topof themop Cotton wool double-faced round pads The most expensive of the three but definitely the best.
Neil Jones, of Torfaen council, said: "The most expensive part of our advert was the bag of cotton wool, which was PS1.66, but one of the boys took that home for his medicine cabinet."
AdvaCare's USFDA-approved cotton wool roll is highly absorbent, soft and made of 100% cotton.
Squeeze most of the water out, and place the damp cotton wool in the shallow bowl.
"The pupil who was hurt was dressed as a snowman and covered head to foot in cotton wool," he said.
(3) found evidence of retinal hemorrhage, macular edema, cotton wool spots, retinal vasculitis, exudative retinal detachment, and anterior uveitis.
The pads are comprised of a core 100% pure cotton wool for high absorbency, an acquisition and filtration layer of 100% pure cotton nonwoven, a breathable protection layer and a large "Secure-fit" adhesive.