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On the 11th day, under injection thiopentone sodium anesthesia, the sutures were cut opened to get implanted cotton pellets with granulation tissue around.
On the other hand, the implantation of foreign body for relatively longer time as in case of cotton pellet implantation model of chronic inflammation promotes the formation of granuloma.
Excess gel was removed with a cotton pellet and the patients were advised not to drink or eat for the next hour after the application of the product.
After completion of drug schedule, dry sterilized cotton pellets (10 [+ or -] 0.
Sterilized autoclaved cotton pellet weighing 50 mg [+ or -] 1 mg, was implanted in the subcutaneous tissue of right axilla of anesthetized rats.
Cotton pellets and the accompanying granulomatous tissues were removed from the rats with a pair of forceps by reflecting the overlying skin and removing the granuloma together with a small amount of any capsular material present.
Table--4 Effect of water soluble portion of the alcoholic extract of leaves and stems of Swertia chirata and dexamethasone on cotton pellet implantation in albino rats (n = 6).
On eighth day, the animals were mildly anesthetized with ether and four sterile cotton pellets with weight of 50 mg were subcutaneously implanted in the dorsal region of rats (two in the axilla and two in the groin regions).
In this series of experiments, the effect of L-1 on the proliferative phase of inflammation was investigated using the cotton pellet test (Suleyman et al.
According to the chronic inflammation model of the cotton pellet, the Hedera helix SPE and CSE may exert their effects by inhibiting the functions of macrophages and fibrosis.
and control vehicle were administered orally for 7 consecutive days from the day of cotton pellet implantation.
In Cotton pellet granuloma (chronic inflammation model) test the methanolic extract at 400 mg [kg.