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Carrier-mediated transport can also be divided into a number of different mechanisms dependent on energy and/or cotransport of another substance.
Electrical Evidence for Rhythmic Changes in Cotransport of Sucrose and Hydrogen-Ions in Samanea Pulvini.
To understand the roles the Na1 and Na2 sites perform in hSERT, we used site-directed mutagenesis combined with biochemical and electrophysiological analyses to determine how alterations of the [Na.sup.+] sites affect ion dependency, selectivity as well as ion and 5-HT cotransport.
Prostaglandin E2 inhibits Na-K-2Cl cotransport in medullary thick ascending limb cells.
Mechanism of TNF-[alpha] induced inhibition of [N.sub.+]-dependent glutamine cotransport ([B.sub.O]AT1) in intestinal epithelial (IEC-6) cells.
Expression cloning of human and rat renal cortex Na/Pi cotransport. Proc.
Nicotinamide Inhibits Sodium-Dependant Phosphate Cotransport Activity in Rat Small Intestine.
Macula densa cells sense luminal NaCI concentration via furosemide sensitive Na+2C1-K+ cotransport. Pflugers Arch 1989;414(3):286-290.
Kinetic heterogeneity of Na- D-glucose cotransport in Teleost gastrointestinal tract.
Rotavirus infection impairs intestinal brush-border membrane [Na.sup.+]-solute cotransport activities in young rabbits.
This type of transport is called: (a) cotransport (b) antiport (c) symport (d) a and b (e) duoport Answer = d 3.