Any process involving the maturation or delivery of a protein that occurs during the process of translation.
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The cotranslational function of ribosome-associated Hsp70 in eukaryotic protein homeostasis.
While in the former the association of ribosomes with target mRNAs is prevented, the latter includes premature ribosome fall-off, reduced/ stalled elongation, or cotranslational protein degradation.
The presegment needs cotranslational cleavage [15], which takes place during translocation of the protein into the endoplasmatic reticulum by a signal peptidase [16, 17].
Om14p is a mitochondrial receptor for ribosomes with a function in the cotranslational import of mitochondrial proteins [37], Rdl1p is a putative mitochondrial thiosulfate sulfurtransferase [38], while Mcr1p is a mitochondrial NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase with a known function in cellular ROS homeostasis [39].
In biological process, SRP-dependent cotranslational protein targeting to membrane (41 DEGs, GO: 0006614), nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic process, nonsense-mediated decay (42 DEGs, GO: 0000184), cotranslational protein targeting to membrane (41 DEGs, GO: 0006613), protein targeting to ER (41 DEGs, GO: 0045047), and establishment of protein localization to endoplasmic reticulum (41 DEGs, GO: 0072599) were the most prominent terms.
Cotranslational membrane insertion of the serine proteinase precursor NS2B-NS3(Pro) of dengue virus type 2 is required for efficient in vitro processing and is mediated through the hydrophobic regions of NS2B.
(2014) Principles of ER cotranslational translocation revealed by proximity-specific ribosome profiling.
Isolation and characterization of the methionine aminopeptidase from porcine liver responsible for the cotranslational processing of proteins.
Nine mechanisms of miRNA action are discerned using a unified mathematical model: a) cap-40S initiation inhibition, b) 60S ribosomal unit joining inhibition, c) elongation inhibition, d) ribosome drop-off (premature termination), e) cotranslational nascent protein degradation, f) sequestration in P-bodies, g) mRNA decay (destabilization), h) mRNA cleavage, and i) transcriptional inhibition through miRNA-mediated chromatin reorganization followed by gene silencing (Figure 4).
These include, for the three genomes available and analyzed to date, at least the global presence of all the genes for Pyl synthesis, charging and cotranslational incorporation, in cooccurrence with all the genes for methylotrophic methanogenesis from methylamines, that is, those coding for methylamines-corrinoid protein methyltransferases (MT) genes (mtmB, mtbB, and mttB) all bearing an in-frame amber codon.
The human STT3A isoform is primarily responsible for cotranslational modification of sequons when the nascent polypeptide enters the rER lumen.
As the transfer of TGs to lipoproteins (VLDL) involves the cotranslational addition of lipids to apoB in a process catalyzed by MTTP, it is possible that pioglitazone inhibits the assembly of VLDL and thereby reduces the secretion of TGs into blood.