Any process involving the maturation or delivery of a protein that occurs during the process of translation.
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cotranslational protein folding FKBP8 6/10 Apoptotic process, Mitochondrion [down intracellular membrane arrow] signal transduction, protein folding ALDH2 4/11 Carbohydrate Mitochondrion [down metabolic process, matrix arrow] xenobiotic metabolic process AL3A2 7/27 Cellular aldehyde Endoplasmic [down metabolic process, reticulum arrow] lipid metabolic process K2C8 15/26 Cytoskeleton Cytoplasm, [down organization, nucleus arrow] protein binding ACTBM 11/20 Platelet Cytoplasm, [down activation, ATP cytoskeleton arrow] binding EZRI 10/24 Actin filament Cell membrane [down binding, cell arrow] adhesion IF2A 19/32 Translation Cytoplasm [down initiation arrow] (a.
The use of multiple prediction methods improves prediction of the expression patterns of secretory proteins that undergo signalpeptide-mediated cotranslational translocation (CTT proteins) in the endoplasmic reticulum and are then transported to the cell surface for membrane incorporation or secretion (1).
All of the clusters have translational overlaps between the vanA and vanX genes and their homologs, suggesting cotranslational regulation of expression.